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  1. I wonder how much of this is intended to normalize federal troops coming out to keep us in line... Don't get me wrong, if ever its warranted, its now. But this is gonna be really bad precedent later.
  2. They were clearly trying to instigate folks, but the ~hour-long video I saw they didn't commit any actual crimes... just were being assholes. Most likely, this 'Jay' is a Soros-funded agent provacateur trying to get some poor, well-meaning but easily-misled black folks shot by some poor panicked white folks who think they're being attacked by BLaMtiFa so the media can twist it into a 'white supremacist uprising.' We would do well to avoid giving them what they want...
  3. right up there with gun confiscation and the banning of private property is going door to door trying to inject folks with crap. any one of these is instant civil war. they know that. they're not gonna do it.
  4. Torn asunder, our destiny in sight, this is the anthem to celebrate your life
  5. Compliance, submission, cowards led astray. Traitors, liars, deceivers have their way. Will they unleash the Plagues of Babylon?
  6. we will tear the week from the strong to enslave the masses
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