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Above all, I value individualism, especially as it contrasts to collectivism. Most (likely all) of my political views are founded upon this principle. That being said, I believe it is highly admirable to be more concerned with the well being of others and the group than with the well being of oneself. But this should always be a choice, and never a mandate. The only thing more dangerous than allowing people to be selfish is trying to force them to be selfless (or perhaps believing anyone ever truly would be selfless...).

I am technically a Christian, in that I believe in and respect God of the Bible and Jesus the Savior. However I find myself increasingly suspicious of and at odds with what I call 'the establishment' of Christianity, or The Church, or any other manifestation of religion that would claim any authority in the relationship between Human and God. Much evil has been committed by humans falsely claiming such authority, usually in concert with those that use the authority of government toward similar ends.

Politically, I believe that those worthy of power do not seek it, those who do not seek power do not obtain it, and those who do seek it are not worthy of it. This obviously leaves me with a pessimistic view of political 'leaders.'

From a right wing standpoint, I support gun rights, private property, free market and the right of The People to form a sovereign nation in which they can more effectively manage the relevance of each individuals voice (some call it 'nationalism'). I believe government is necessary, but must vigilantly be kept in check, lest will grow too corrupt to be of benefit, and then must be destroyed and made anew. I believe adults have a personal responsibility to provide their own (and their family's) basic needs that outweighs any obligation we have to care for each other.

From a left wing standpoint, I support the right to choose (I hate abortion, but it should stay 100% legal), I oppose corporatism (a corporation should not be a 'person') and I believe we should always be wary of the power of the financial elite. Money in politics is a problem (but it will not be solved by regulation!). I support the concept of social safety nets as a means to reduce crime and the suffering of the impoverished, (though I would see it accomplished on a more voluntary or cooperative basis than how we do now). I would like to see 'Free Healthcare For All Under 18' implemented. The 'War on Drugs' is monumental folly, and immoral/unethical to boot. I believe its in all our best interest to protect the environment (though only so we can continue to utilize it for the prosperity and advancement of Humanity), and I believe we spend far, far too much money on 'defense' (what tends to amount to Imperialism).

I believe Humanity's ultimate destiny is among the stars. We have infinite resource and energy available to us if we can simply reach it. 'Out there' is the elimination of poverty. 'Out there' is absolute freedom. 'Out there' is a true opportunity for Utopia, if only we go there and build it.

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