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    We haven’t seen anything yet compared to what’s coming! Without us true loving caring law abiding Americans that’s against the new world order our freedom our rights our 2nd amendment rights being taken away from Americans! It’s our duty as Americans
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  1. Ignorance will destroy America 🇺🇸 

    Why? Causes Americans has been a lost blind sheep trained robot programmed robot by the tv 📺 social media websites by the government ever since mankind!

    You can’t expect to win a battle when ignorance is in control imbedded in the minds brains so deep that citizens are so ignorant they can’t comprehend the reality of the truth and most of them can’t setup their phone 📱 

     Ignorance at it’s finest highest level in America 🇺🇸 and fear will get you killed in a heartbeat! 
    when Americans is so ignorant that they exactly love a true disgrace disgusting piece of trash scum democrats calling for a new world order calling burning buildings attacking killing citizens police officers destroying America Black Lives Matter peacekeepers peaceful citizens is when you realize your living in a mental society! Instead of a battle between good and evil it’s a battle between brains and ignorance in America 🇺🇸  Too seek the truth you have got to have determination knowledge to find the truth hidden by them that’s in control of the untold truth ! And you got to come together as whole as a family together all in place or they pick us true law abiding Americans off one at a time to win this battle 

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