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  1. Excellent read - After getting custody of my two boys at the age of 14 and 16 I knew I had enough time left to turn them into polite , respectable and Alpha males and after watching the sheepdog speech I just realized that I had basically the same speech with them and it worked - I couldn’t be more proud of them and you need to post that story every chance you get .
  2. If your willing to move to Florida there are many many militias in this state and if you go to YouTube and type in sheriff Grady Judd you will find it to be the perfect place to live .
  3. They are no longer antifa , black lives matter or even jackass's once they began destroying America they are now called Terrorist ----- At what point does " From all enemies foreign and domestic" start to work ??
  4. "We the people "of Florida have your backs !!! "The Constitution which at any time exist, till changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole people is sacredly obligatory upon all " George Washington
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