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  1. Wow saving a life or two means nothing to you even if it is your life. I hope you never have that situation but if you are may the Agent make it in time.
  2. What I am saying is if you saw your neighbor beating his wife while holding a gun to her head, I would enforce the law. I would de-escalate the situation remove the weapon and arrest the wife beater. The charges made at the time of arrest would go to a judge to determine the judgment of the case. Yes in the color of the law if that man was charged with a felony and armed himself he would be arrested and the gun would be confiscated. I understand unfair gun laws I also understand a drunk idiot holding his wife at gunpoint should not be armed. Agree or disagree I have been in situations like that, it's get that situation under control or watch him shoot his wife and maybe me. And if it happened to one of your loved ones you might feel like the guy shouldn't have a gun. As far as the new laws being passed if I were asked to enforce them I would refuse and lose my job. It doesn't make any sense to believe I would enforce laws that were against our 2nd amendment rights.
  3. I completely understand where you're coming from. But in most states the law says, if you are convicted of a violent crime, or a felony, child abuse, pedophiles, some high misdemeanors. You are not allowed to own, be in the presence of a firearm of any kind. So although I agree with you as a former LEO the decision to confiscate law abiding citizens guns would cost me my job. Just to say this,laws have been in effect for a long time that restricts gun ownership.
  4. 1041 Crawley, West Virginia Greenbrier county. Lots of experience mechanic, gas and diesel and all of the repairs that go with the territory. LEO for Greenbrier county/animal control. Certified by County guidelines for small arms, rifle, retired. Certification from FEMA, large animal control during a natural disaster. Animal trainer, horses and dogs. I'm familiar with my ar 15 pistols, and assorted other arms. Blasting Forman for a rock quarry. And if you get bored I play the saxophone!!!!
  5. Hello Sir and welcome to the Three04 !!! Great to have you!

    1. 1041


      Great to be a part of this organization. I'm looking forward to getting the county's connected so we can work as a whole State. Thank you sir for having me in this organization sir.

  6. West Virginia Governor issues a stay at home order starts Tuesday at 8 pm with no end date. Only essential open on restricted hours. No gun or ammo stores it's a good thing I stocked up last week. Been hitting the range a lot so I went through a lot of old stock.
  7. In 304 lewisburg wv. I guess it is going to be me and mine. I have dug in a little but there's no help on this mountain. So good luck brother's and sisters stay safe and well.
  8. Greenbrier county just past a Second Amendment regulation!
  9. My upper body strength is better than it has been in years due to the fact that I have to depend on these muscles to do most of whatever work at home that I have too. I'm totally and permanently disabled. I gave all I had in the line of duty except my life. But my life has been changed forever. TBI, seizures, headaches, lost some lower body muscle function. That doesn't make me any less of a patriot to my country. I can prepare, and I have. I would like to give my knowledge and skills as a mechanic for over 40 years,a college instructor in diesel and gas engines, electronics, electrical. And on top of that my training as an officer includes, yes range time. I was one of our sharp shooters on the s.w.a.t. team. I can't run now you know why. But I'm still useful to any militia that is established and can use my skill set.
  10. Greenbrier county 1042 here, at rest but ever vigilant

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