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  1. Thanks for your dedication and effort to keep this site up and running as well as facebook and all the other things you have done for the militia. It is understandable with the stress and with the left wing always attacking at every turn to become weary. We will get through these trying times. Again thanks for your dedication to our group and for your tireless efforts. God Bless!
  2. All in ready and prepared. Waiting to see what happens next.
  3. Checking in for this month (April). All in ready here, waiting to see how things unfold.
  4. We must stand firm and never waiver from our commitment to resist tyranny and fight for freedom. The 2nd amendment is absolutely the cornerstone to insure we can effectively resist those who would take our freedoms. Militias are the vehicle we can use to network and stand against the threat.
  5. Looking to meet others with similar values and ideals. Retired military here. Would like to fellowship with others who love America. North Central Indiana location.
  6. SJS


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