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  1. thanks for your reply we will be setting up meeting around the 1st of febuary. please send me a email if your interested. [email protected]
  2. im around Morristown. the VCDL the one that got the permit say no battle gear or long guns. but if you militia coming from long distance away are you going to leave your tools that far away? walking into a powder keg such as this and we are going to be bused in from up to 3 miles away. BAD IDEA
  3. Brian Ross III

    Brian Ross III

  4. Sneedville myself want to meet up?


  5. hey thunder you still out there? [email protected]

  6. in east TN looking to meet up with groups in my area. we are a small group of like minded guys just wanting to meet our neighbors.
  7. leaving out of east TN on the 19th [email protected] if your looking to convoy
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