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  1. As for the Valley, there are 3 different areas codes and some who live here might have a 602, 480, 623 area code but they might not be in the right area. My phone is 480, but I live in 602 area so that is what I am in charge of (602) but we might converge all into one. Maybe!
  2. Hey Dan, to my knowledge we don't currently have anyone in 520. If this is correct you may end up being our contact there. When people come into this site to volunteer from that area then we tell them who to contact in that sector. The 520 area code is pretty much all of Southern Arizona and includes Ajo, Tombstone, Sierra Vista, and Tucson. The best way too get more people is to promote this site in those areas to grow a branch there and figure out who is best to lead. As of now though, you are in charge unless we know who is down there.
  3. To all the members here, please come into this blog posting and introduce yourselves, and give us an idea of what your Knowledge, Experience, or special skills. All of the Arizona Militia's hang out in the following blog:
  4. I'm hoping to be up in the North East area sometime soon. I've got to get together with some other friends up in that area, so I might could make your place into my trip. I'll let you know.
  5. Thats great, We will be needing more medical personnel as well. I was a firefighter/EMT for 10 years and managed an Ambulance company. Welcome aboard.
  6. We're all over the valley and some down south and up north. A lot of us are going to be at the next Gun show in September. Those who are new are more than welcome to join us, and those who have been around a while, We'd like you to join us as well, so we all get a good idea of what we all bring to the fight.
  7. That's fine for now but that needs to change. When we meet up at the gun show we'll be purchasing some along with ammo uniforms body armor maps survival gear and food. They have everything we need there.
  8. The cost to get in is $16, and they won't let you in if you're armed. Its a private company that puts these events on so they make the rules. You can buy weapons and ammo but you can't load one. I too look forward to meeting those who are going. Buy your tickets online and I believe you pay for one day but can go both days.
  9. Just wanted to make an announcement. September 12th -13, 2020 is a Crossroads to the West gun show at the AZ State Fairgrounds. I and many others are going, if you want to go with us, please set your schedule and we can all meet at the entrance and go in as a group. Several of us need items other than just firearms so there are many reasons to attend. I'd like for at least one person from each area code to attend so we can get to know each other on a personal level as well. If you are planning on attending, let us know so we know to be expecting you at the gate. Gates open at 9AM. DO NOT BRING ANY WEAPONS.
  10. Welcome Lee. I'm currently in Ajo spending the holiday with family. I will be back by the weekend of the 15th for the gun show. Several of us are going to the gun show for supplies and such. Your more than welcome to join us.
  11. I'm in phoenix and would like to meet some good people that have the 3% mindset. I see the tailspin we are in as a community and country. My calling to protect the sheep from the wolves is stronger today than yesterday and every day before that. I would like to see what I can help the community of like minded people with.

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    2. JD "Doc" Fraley

      JD "Doc" Fraley

      The Phoenix show has been postponed until September but there is a show in Prescott in August. 

    3. AzChigger


      Understood. What are your thoughts on the possibility of this new NFAC becoming a viable threat here in AZ? 

    4. JD "Doc" Fraley

      JD "Doc" Fraley

      NFAC? Haven't seen this yet,  who are they?

  12. All of those that recently came into MyMilitia and are in the Phoenix area send me a message please.
  13. At 21:20 Nancy and the Dems Kneel to Black Lives Matter. Are you fucking kidding me??? TRAITORS!!!!
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