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  1. Funny thing about conspiracy theories, when they come true. On a further note, there is rioting in Minneapolis right now. People are looting and burning stores to the ground protesting cops killing a black man that they were trying to arrest. I think this is the beginning of anarchy. The news media has labelled those armed citizens that came out to protect businesses as "Vigilantes" not armed Patriots.
  2. I sent some of you my info in messages. If I dont answer when you call, leave a message and I will call back. We need to start connecting on a personal level and a patriotic level.
  3. Welcome Welcome. What area do you currently live in?
  4. There are already protests going on in this state at the Capitol. Duecy has pretty much already been told by the people that he will not be re-elected, as with the County Sheriff Paul Penzone. Both of them have been trying to get Red Flag laws pushed through the Legislature, but fortunately for us, our Legislature wont pass them. As of now, we have a majority conservative legislature and we are a Constitutional Carry state. Lets hope it stays that way
  5. Maria Bartiromo is so freaking sexy as .......*edited by admin - Matt In WV. Come on guys. You don't have to live like that.**
  6. Qanon has been popping up everywhere.. I hope everyone is ready. Its coming in the door right now! We The People have to do something. The globalist elite is trying to ruin our lives!
  7. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-health/2020/05/01/coronavirus-arizona-businesses-defy-doug-ducey-stay-home-order-covid-19/3061682001/ I dont know if they actually cited this lady or not, but if they do, there will be protests.
  8. LOL< I got permanently banned form Twitter as well and I'm always in FB jail or having my posts deleted. I created a 2nd account on Twitter and looked for all my old friends, and I communicate with friends on FB using messenger. That is not monitored by FB. as far as I know anyways.
  9. New York is one of those states that has so striked gun laws that people are afraid to go out with their guns, because even transporting them can get you jail time. CA is the same way. What I would do if I were you is to go to your friends list on Fakebook or other site and send the links to MyMilitia.com and have them come in here so you all can talk, and get together. just n idea.
  10. https://www.gunpowdermagazine.com/trudeau-shooter-acquired-guns-illegally-but-lets-ban-assault-weapons-anyway/ Here it comes!
  11. https://www.firerescue1.com/coronavirus-covid-19/articles/fdny-firefighters-5-month-old-daughter-dies-from-covid-19-zcD90iFsQVxN21HI/ Ok, lets get past this debate over whether kids can or cant get COVID 19. Many many news outlets have reported on this. A 5 month old baby died! Granted the baby died of a heart attack because of a pre-existing heart problem, but the baby did have Covid 19
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