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  1. My apologies for being away for so long. I have been caught up in the events going on here with Gov. Wolf, national events, and preparing for whatever is coming at us from the left. Todd I will certainly check out that site you suggested. Thank you. Since I was on the last time, it has become clearer that the State has now moved to persecuting religion according to many articles I have read and interviews with church goers. It strikes me funny that a crowded Home Depot or Walmart is ok but going to Church is outlawed. Modernpaladin, I have given that a lot of thought over the last few months also. Items like food will have to be grown by groups to sustain their needs and everything else will need to be bartered for. Weapons would be a premium to those who have none. It’s basically living like Mad Max but in real life. It’s not a world I’d want to live in myself. I believe we have a long way to go til we get to that point since the Deep State has to fall first and its going to take time for that. Even with the Flynn documents being released its only the start. In speaking to several vet friends, we are in agreement that it will either take a war or start a war to get it done. I have learned to respect their opinions since they have seen action before and are level headed people. One of them reminded me of the Hong Kong Flu in 1968 took out over 100,000 people and that pandemic was not treated like this. At that time Woodstock was in full swing. I fully believe we are all in for a world of shit coming sooner than we think. Until then I’m getting ready. I wish us all luck when the shtf.
  2. No one said anything about when this will all go down. This is God’s time not ours. As for my house, there is only one way anyone gets that. I agree being a part of a militia group is extremely important. My point is that the enemy of your enemy is not always your friend. When that Allie turns on you then you have enemies on two fronts with your backside in the middle. Who do you rely on then? Who do you concentrate fire on? We need to watch who we call Allie. Common sense only goes so far.
  3. As for the mark I agree that it sounds plausible to me. I think of all the topics the article went over I find the two beasts subject to be the most troubling. We can all agree that the Deep State is evil as hell so it being the first beast does make sense. The second beast is the troubling one. That is the most insidious of the two. I can see how the events that I have seen in reports over the last couple weeks are fitting in place. I have often thought about why the politicians keep running up the national debt and seem unconcerned about the amount. Now I can see why they wouldn’t be. If the Saint Germaine Fund has that much money then there would be no need to worry about it hence their being so calm and cool about it. They know they have a bailout for it. The other troubling part I find is that the offer is basically everything that we are standing for especially a return to a return to Constitutional law as apposed to common law and case law as we know it now. It makes me wonder if we stand with the offer then we stand on the wrong side. The more I think about it the more I think that we would need to stand on our own side to oppose the beast and stand for the true light being Christ’s Army. I realize that this is a deep subject but if we hold the Bible to be true then we would be prudent to give this real consideration especially since most people have long considered that His coming will be during our generation.
  4. Agreed. They have already started it here in PA. I received word a few weeks ago that Blue Helmets have been spotted on a mountain in my county that no one is allowed on. That mountain is where a not so secret base is.
  5. Here in Pa, Gov. Wolf has activated over 7,000 National Guard troops to do the same thing. So far they have been supposedly transporting patients and moving supplies. Some have been deployed to Pitt and Philly. I am assuming to curb looting in the cities but no info has been given as to why they are there. We haven’t seen any footage of them being armed but it doesn’t mean they aren’t. I’m keeping an eye on the situation here.
  6. I do believe a lot of it. I posted an article that states the QAnon is part of the “Drain the Swamp” plan that was written before Trump became President. The military has been involved since Clinton was in office. Your post seems to fit my article so well giving me more reason to believe we are dealing with much more than we thought or could have imagined. we need discernment in these troubling times.
  7. I completely agree with you. That’s why I had to look into so much information. There are a lot of plausible scenarios out there and tons of off the wall crap. I leaned more heavily on this one since the timeline and events seemed to match almost too well. I also felt an uneasiness in my gut while reading it which lent credence to my gut feeling. I would love to see what you can dig up. The truth is out there we just have to dig through the muck to find it. Thanks for your input and look forward to seeing more.
  8. It wouldn’t be the entire military. There are those who will refuse to obey illegal orders and join our side. Those who follow the orders and not the oath are the problem.
  9. Hello KCS. Your post is interesting but a little different than the one I presented. In the article I posted the first beast is the “Deep State” and the second beast is the Nesara and Gesara along with the Federal Reserve. I have read some interesting articles about the “Last Pope” but find that Babylon is not talking about the Vatican but refers to the United States. If you take a look at the article I posted you can see how this all goes back to Saint Germaine. Everything in the article falls right into place like a road map. After going over a couple hundred articles and quite a few videos and reports , I found this one to be the most clearly explained and made the most sense. I’ll certainly check out anything you have on the subject. Thank you.
  10. Very informative with some good advise to a point. Not answering the door works until Martial Law is declared. Once Martial Law has been declared the rule of law, the government, and the Constitution are rendered useless. The only law is military law. There is no court but one and is governed by the UCMJs. The Fourth Amendment does not apply since the Constitution does not apply.
  11. I don’t know how others are seeing the daily reports but I am suspicious about them. We have all seen the numbers rise at an alarming rate but there are no names or faces to go with the numbers. The reports are too clean. There is nothing to back up the numbers. Casualty reports always contain names to back up the report. Nothing is mentioned about what is being done with body removal or disposition. The reports seem to be only numbers. There are no interviews with families of those who died or interviews with survivors. My question is Why? What are they hiding?
  12. I apologize for not being here from sometime. I have been following current events and doing some research into what’s going on and what is ahead of us all. I have found some disturbing events happening without explanation. I have found the timing of other events suspicious. After pouring over articles, videos, and other less than mainstream media I found an article that peaked my interest. Everything I read made sense and was backed up by scripture. I am not a bible thumper but I am spiritual in my beliefs. The article is not a sermon but does explain things quite well and is backed by historical proof and biblical truth. For anyone interested in reading it I’ll post the link. Afterward, I would like to hear from others to get their thoughts and opinions. https://avoidthemark.com/2020/03/17/what-is-the-mark-of-the-beast/
  13. Totally agree. The other weapons are for those who none of us have talked about in any of the topics I’ve seen...our families. We are always talking about preparing for war while praying for peace but we never mention the ones who we leave behind and their needs. Yes we got a little off topic but this was a good chance to mention the needs of preparing for those who will be holding down the fort when the SHTF.
  14. Have seen many forums talk about this topic and find that the consensus is the same. Over the years I have owned and sold more than I can count while keeping the ones I have grown to trust in times of need. A few that I have are not what I want but am looking to change that. I agree that the old Marlins are the best .22 LRs. I have a Lakefield which is good but nowhere as good as a Marlin. The Mossberg 500 is an excellent shotgun but I have come to trust my Remington 870 with interchangeable Deerslayer barrel. I have a S&W 645 backup as well as a Kel-tec 9mm which I’m not happy with. I’ll be replacing the Kel-tec with a Glock 19. My choice of AR has to go to M&P 15 Sport II .223/5.56. Of all of my weapons, I’d have to say my 9 mm is the one I need to change. All the rest are good enough for what I need. The only opinion I have is that you have to be comfortable with your weapons and stay with the ones you trust because it’s your life on the line you don’t want any doubts when the time comes and you need them.
  15. I completely agree. The militia must be separate from any government influence since it is the check and balance to government as a whole. Since each group would protect their local areas there were many militia groups in colonial times. When the revolution broke out each leadership had to agree to stand with General Washington or there would have been chaos and the British could have taken each group down one at a time. I can’t remember where I heard it but there was mention about how a private Army is not classified as a militia. That is exactly what it is. It acts completely independent from outside influence of the government. Any government of tyrants will never abolish itself. I have also heard rumors that the Federal Government is considering bills to classify any group who does drilling as illegal and grouped under the terrorist label. They feel threatened by the existence or the imagined existence of such groups that they want to shut them down altogether.

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