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  2. Most everything you would want to find out about me you'll find here: https://www.facebook.com/Calling.Fox/about Many interests, a lot of experiences...
  3. Hmm, where to start... Occupation: Fulltime Student of life, parttime philosopher (Money? Oh yeah. I work for Xerox...) Activities/groups include: American Legion (past commander-post/county/district, PUFL), charter member of the Western Iowa Chapter of the American Legion Riders, member (4th degree) of the Knights of Columbus, Patron life member and certified instructor/range officer of NRA, charter life member of American Motorcyclist Association, member of local community club, member of county political party central committee, and I sing and play trumpet at church. (breath) Other interests include: motorcycle and automotive mechanics, electronics/computers, racing (all types), camping, shooting sports (all types),martial arts (four styles), and politics (frustrating but can be fun). (So, do you think I might be a little bit busy....?) My dad was Army during WWII with three beach landings: N. Africa, Sicily, and Italy. My father-in-law was Air Force during Korea. I retired after 7 yrs 29 days active duty Air Force (1 yr in Korea) and 14.5 yrs Air Guard, working as avionics tech (Guidance and Control, Inertial and Computer Nav, Doppler, Radar, and Instruments systems) on various aircraft. U.S. stations (Active): Lackland AFB (San Antonio, TX), Keesler AFB (Biloxi, MS), Dover AFB (Dover, DE), Nellis AFB (Las Vegas, NV) U. S. stations (Guard): Lincoln, NE; Gulfport, MS; Volk Field, WI; Alpena, MI. Other places 'visited' include: Japan, Korea, Phillipines, Canada, Germany, Azores, Turkey. My better-half and two of her sisters served in the Air Force, and two of her brothers served in the Army. Eldest son was an Army combat medic with a tour in Iraq. Second son was Army National Guard. His unit was activated in '04 and we lost him in Afghanistan...

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