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  1. As far as we can tell this group is no longer active...
  2. SOCOMM was a very active group out of Pueblo Colorado for some time but is currently no longer active as far as we can tell. They no longer have a web site and their Facebook page hasn't been posted on since 2017.
  3. III% United Patriots is a nation group. The Colorado group is a currently semi active loose knit group operating in Colorado with training opportunities and other functions. They no longer have a world wide web site and are currently FB based. If you would like to get involved then you must join the group through their Facebook page. Mitch Nerem is the current founder and commander of the group.
  4. Colorado Front Range Militia is the oldest militia in Colorado and is currently active as of 2020. I know some members of this group but I'm not a member myself. To join this group follow the link and fill out their application to join. This group is the real deal and not a loose knit group like most III% Patriot Groups. You will be required to attend meetings, train, Etc.
  5. WHO WE ARE We do not condone or allow illegal activities. We are interracial and open to other cultures. We are a Constitutional Colorado Militia Unit. We are a group of American Citizens in the the Colorado Front Range area who believe that our rights are STILL worth defending. We believe that our way of life is worth fighting for. We insist on freedom for ourselves, and freedom for our children. We consider the United States Constitution the supreme law of the land. We all recognize that our rights are God given and were numerated by the founders so we as citizens know those rights and will take the responsibility to protect those rights from Government infringements of those rights. These rights are granted to us from God (Yes, GOD). We consider any treaties or legislation that attempts to undermine our God-given rights to be illegal, invalid, and treasonous. We do not condone or allow illegal activities. We are interracial and open to other cultures. We are here to help our communities and serve our fellow Americans. We do not run in the face of adversity. We will stay and fight.
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  8. WHO ARE THE III% UNITED PATRIOTS The III% UNITED PATRIOTS are the embodiment of mans' desire for freedom. We believe in the fundamental rights of all human beings. Our rights do not come from a majority vote, from politicians, or even from the Constitution - and they are not subject to infringement by a government which ignores the Supreme Law of this land. "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights." We pledge our commitment to the absolute restoration of our Bill of Rights, and further, to strict adherence to the legal and moral principles of the Declaration of Independence, upon which this nation was founded. We will rise against any assault on the unalienable rights granted by our Creator. If you believe in Liberty, and in the Truths upon which this nation was founded, you are a member of the III% UNITED PATRIOTS.
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