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  1. Much of everything you posted on Trump being Anti-Gun is taken out of context. It's even taking cherry picked snippets form news sources who are known to be anti-Trump and spread propaganda to fit a narrative. If you watched the actual briefings he was placating both sides, he does that a lot, he listens to both sides. The only thing that was actually done was banning bump-stocks, which arguably does not infringe on anyone's right to own a gun. Truth is, here we are nearing the end of his 1st term and he hasn't done anything or signed anything which would infringe upon our rights.
  2. I'm more so than ever before convinced that the Democrats are domestic terrorists. The public which identifies with the Democratic Party are only the sheep led astray with promises of free stuff and platitudes which are suppose to just make them "feel good" or stroke their egos on who is more woke and virtuous keeping the very scumbags who tirelessly work over a multiple-decades long plan to undermine our Republic and way of life for personal gain and power in power. So sad to see this in America, but at least one thing Trump was able to add to his growing list of accomplishments is that he has exposed the left for the Anti-American communists they are.
  3. Hey all, Patriot and nationalist here. I originally joined as I wanted to do more research into local militias and become part of something greater than myself, have those I can rely on and rally together with. In today's environment with more radical socialism, propaganda, encroachment of attempted abolishment of our god given rights, and anti-American views on the rise I feel it's more important now so more than ever that we the people put our foot down and uphold the constitution, our sovereignty, and way of life. I do not have any formal military training but I'm quite good with my rifle and side arm. My motto has been to always be prepared and pray you never need it, rather than find yourself in a dire situation where you need it and are without it. Apoc.

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