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  1. I work at Purdue University (W. Lafayette,IN) and I want to express my deepest sorrow at the recent emails being sent through the Chemistry Department Mailing List. The University that I once believed in, graduated from and currently work at has succumbed to the BLM movement. The Chemistry Department is not only allowing the use of their website to disseminate the lies of BLM but has fully embraced the movement. A rally is being held today, Friday June 19th, with a march following shortly. Thankfully, the SARS-CoV2 (COVID19) has shutdown the University and allowed me to leave early today to work from home. I confess that I am part of the problem. I did not reach out to the Department Chair to challenge her position of acceptance of this atrocity. My wife is going through a Reduction In Force (RIF) at Purdue and we need to maintain health insurance through one of us. This is not to say that I have not started the process of seeking other employment less academically centered but until the Lord Jesus opens another door of opportunity, I am where I am. Truly at a loss of what to do. Watching the United States of America dissolve into the same fate as the Roman Republic, saddens me. I swore an oath to the US Constitution (US Army, Reserves) to which I am still bound and a higher calling to the Lord Jesus Christ yet, my heart is saddened by what is coming.
  2. Ruger PC9 TD with modifications (trigger, springs, aluminum forend, etc). I run the Glock magwell and have a few 33 round "fun" sticks. Rifle is fantastic. Having matching rounds for both carry pistol and carbine, bonus.
  3. In deed it is. Let us pray and hope that reason will rise but plan that it doesn't!
  4. March check in. God, Family, Friends, Indiana and the US Constitution. Updates: Purdue University at 100% this March 10, 2020 date but information about plans to reduce teaching/classroom to video only is being discussed. Still planning on taking the Technician License (HAM radio) exam in April at Frankfort Public Library. Never Fear_Be Best Prepared. Always room to grow in wisdom and kindness.
  5. Interesting picture. Just posted on another website about how the USA government being formed in the image of the Roman senate is looking to run the course of the roman empire, destroyed from the inside.
  6. Thank you for the update. I have a (317) phone number but live in the (765) region. Former Marion County Indiana resident currently living in Benton County Indiana. Plan on remaining in the (765) unit assignments
  7. Wrote my State Senator about this travesty and asked him to quell this Democrat from Indianapolis. The gentlemen from Indianapolis needs to focus on the real issues (Welfare to those capable of working but refusing too, constituents having children they can not support and a total breakdown in the family structure)
  8. GFS98 checking in. Benton County Indiana
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