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  1. Good video. I have watched Johnny B on several occasions and have found his information valuable. As for Black Rifle Company and Matt Best, and this is just an opinion (like A Hole), we all have them. I have enjoyed watching Matt Best videos. Some have made me think, heck yeah and others have made me think, what the heck? Black Rifle Coffee. As a daily coffee drinker who has on one occasion purchased their product. I found that their coffee lacked the value for the price they charged. I stick to a local company that my wife found. Good quality. Good tast
  2. America, you were a dream conceived in the minds of those who wanted to continue the pursuit of freedom. Freedom to choose their very existence. A few gathered from the masses, formed and pledged their lives, their families, and their property to fight against the tyranny of their day. To the King and those masses who wanted to remain under rule, rebels they were called. They fought their war, against great odds and even greater forces facing them. In winning, history calls them founding fathers. We are now watching the compete loss of this "freedom". The election was fraud
  3. We are tomorrow. Added more supplies to prepper stocks last week. Whether this theorized trucker strike happens or not, always keep the prepping going, as long as possible.
  4. Unfortunately for ALL, any type of truck strike, hyped by the media would add another level of fear to the public.
  5. I have made some upgrades over the 2 years I have had it. Early on I had a DPMS SASS 7.62 NATO. It was unreliable and I traded up to the IWI Galil Ace, never looked back. Fairly decent range for what it was intended for. How is the Savage? What optics do you have on it? It looks very similar to the DPMS I had yet NOT. The Savage has options not available on the SASS. Just something about a reach out and touch them rifle.
  6. Weapon Platform: IWI Galil Ace 308 KNS Precision Gas Piston for AK variants Reason for purchase: Recoil reduction and less wear n tear on the AK platform. Purchased in April. Indiana DNR shuts down all shooting ranges in my area shortly afterwards. Going to tune this on Wednesday when I go to pick up my mom to bring her north. Parents have a shooting range on their farm. Looking forward to taming the beast. My go to battle rifle.
  7. The Army started my file back in 1981 (DD214), certainly it has been updated throughout the years. I have no reason to believe this report is bogus. We have all been tracked through the use of computers or surveillance. The deep state government is alive and well. They completely missed Donald J Trump getting elected. Since this time, certainly the overlords had to step up their game. Dominion voting machine use in heavily Democrat controlled cities/states was the insurance policy that another surprise election result could be stopped. FBI, CIA, CDC, any government agen
  8. Saw the trailer yesterday. First thought, someone has an inside scoop.
  9. Top Pathologist Claims Coronavirus is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public” https://summit.news/2020/11/18/top-pathologist-claims-coronavirus-is-the-greatest-hoax-ever-perpetrated-on-an-unsuspecting-public/
  10. My earlier comment was merely a play on the story. Human beings have throughout history, consumed each other. History is full of examples. That being said, clearly when someone says you need to trust in science, my rebuttal is always fine, trust in science but always question the scientist. As a scientist by education and experience, I have seen too much BS science conducted over the years. Clearly, no one of right thought or heart would consider this.
  11. Coming soon to a store shelf near you, the Jeffrey Dahmer Select Cuts, USDA certified organic.
  12. Wow. Times have changed since my basic in 1981. None the less, great video. Added note: My wife still complains that I eat to fast.
  13. It's better to write a ticket vs deal with the BLM/ANTIFA roving gangs in the cities. Not sure about Ohio cities. One of my dearest Purdue friends lives outside of Dayton. Spent a great deal of time (70's-90's) in Cincinnati (baseball and Kings Island).
  14. Yet, drive like bats out of hell through Indiana. Oh that's right.......coming to Indiana (excluding Indianapolis, Bloomington, South Bend and parts of W. Lafayette) is like a breath of freedom.
  15. I am going to share this very important news with my wife. Dr. Falsehood should have come out much earlier and cancelled Halloween. I could have been at the range but no, wife is a holiday fanatic (translation= decorations, lots and lots of decorations) and I spent several hours putting up plastic crap and lights. Finally gone after last week but now she is moving towards the boxes and boxes of Christmas. Fantastic news. "Honey, Dr Fauci has determined that Christmas is cancelled for 2020" No need to waste time putting up lights, trees and etc. Maybe next year baby.

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