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  1. Waiting for my scheduled autoclave time slot to open, thought I would take a look at ammunition.   WOW.  If available, the price is through the roof.  Next, I went and checked out silver prices, good news.  My silver rounds have jumped in price too.  $29.44/ounce

  2. Good morning Area Code 765


  3. Welcome brother in arms.

    1. CPL11b2008


      Hooah brother

  4. Welcome to the fold.

    I was raised in Shelbyville.  Still have solid friends there.  Family still in the county.

    Currently up near West Lafayette.

    Be safe out there.



  5. Hesitation over.

    Purchased the package yesterday.  Better to have and not use than to need and not have.


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    2. Headhunter


      Buying the CATI armor, next month.  QUESTION:


      The only body armor I've ever worn was in Vietnam, and that was the "Flak Jacket".  Most didn't wear it, because of the heat, there, and because of its weight.  I wore the old-fashioned belt suspenders, to place my tactical gear.


      The last couple of years, I've use a non-ballistic tactical vest.  Here comes the question:


      With the CATI armor I intend to purchase, I'm going to assume that putting a tactical vest over it would not be practical.  Should I go back to belt/suspenders?

    3. GolfFoxtrotSierra_98


      You have the advantage over me.  I was never issued armor being Field Artillery.

      The system I ordered comes with a MOLLE carrier vest (consider it an advanced tactical vest).  I believe CATI uses the Condor models of carrier vest.

      Yes, this will be heavy (steel ballistic plates) and I plan to start wearing around when I take the dogs out for their walks.  I will have to set up a new system once it arrives (hydration pouch and medical pouch). 

      Years ago I purchased a Condor Tactical Vest but I have never really used it.  I used camo paint on it to help match the terrain of Indiana better.  The increased activity of the past few months has led me to believe having level 3 protection is worth the investment.  Not something I wanted to purchase but felt that when SHTF, which I believe at the center of my core is coming, I wanted some added protection. 

      Take a look around at plate carriers on the web and see what might work for you.

      God Bless.

    4. Headhunter


      I appreciate your response, and what you've said.


      The role I had in Vietnam was 11b, serving as a sniper.  In my militia, I will serving as interior security.  I'm in great shape for a guy who is 71, and have recently made a 20-mile hike.  In full gear, I believe I could make it about ten miles, in a day.  But I'd prefer to pick out a good, well-concealed firing position, and stand overwatch.  The armor is if the enemy gets too close!


      I liked the video.  It shows how someone with limited mobility might be able to survive a "close encounter".  You know about those aliens!


      Thanks.  And God bless you, too.

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