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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fbi-director-wray-antifa-cases-real The leadership of the FBI is in dire need of overall if they are just now coming out saying that ANTIFA is real. The revelation is just awe inspiring. Anyone who honestly believes the government of these blessed United States of America is concerned about the very citizens who bestow power upon them is either mentally deficient, a communist or both. There is no middle gray ground here anymore, none. The government is a God given responsibility to maintain law and order. The government is not a health care organization, a free lunch organization, or any countless other handouts organization. The very purpose is to maintain law and order and protect the boundaries of the United States of America.
  2. I would also suggest less than lethal weapons (pepper ball), perhaps a .22 or .50 caliber air rifle. I had a friend in Iowa who was a fellow and lost her rights but was in the process of getting things restored prior to succumbing to cancer last year. Check your State restrictions (wise advise from LFR) and then find what you are permitted and seek this out.
  3. While I am better versed in WWII History, my understanding of the Pre-Revolutionary and Revolutionary times in what would become the United States of America is limited. The understanding I have is as settlers moved out into the new land, established new communities, militias (members of the community) came together to defend their local community. The militia was composed of all members of this community (shop keepers, blacksmiths, farmers, etc). The British, French and Spanish maintained military detachments to enforce their rules or governorship over their claimed regions. What is your thoughts when looking at State Militia compared to a Community Defensive Force? My family and home are my priority, will always be my first earthly priority. As an example, I live in an Benton County Indiana, this is where my family and my home are located. I no longer live in Indianapolis, and if Indianapolis politicians decide to cede control to BLM and/or ANTIFA, should I leave my family and home to suppress rioting in regions who choose not to support the rule of law? I have read over and over individuals who say we need to rise up and fight? I am curious who it is that I should rise up and fight? I have my voice, and I have a vote. That is my societal fight. If leaders choose to curtail rule of law and submit to riots, looting and burning in their communities, if my voice and vote meant nothing, clearly my blood being shed would also mean nothing. During my time in the Army, I understood that I would, if called upon, be fighting the adversary of the day (in my day, the Soviet Union). Now, it is something completely different. What role does a State Militia play compared to a Community Defense Force that is set up to defend the region where my home is located? I am curious what others think. Seems to me that it would be best to meet in my local town, like minded individuals who could come together, stand and fight for what is most precious to them.
  4. My humble opinion is regardless what the elections bring regarding President Trump, the left has already decided that war is coming to America. The hatred is so intense, so manufactured that regardless, we are going to have to fight. The current turmoil is their test run in the large cities.
  5. That is a possibility but I would have to see the location numbers to be more informed who is purchasing. Overall it doesn't change the dynamics of lack of available ammunition. Thankfully, I have been prepping since 2010 and purchasing during less than challenging times. Still, you can truly never have enough!
  6. I watched the video countless times. Considered buying a paint ball gun just for this reason but then in my community, TRUMP signs are not really in danger.
  7. The Smith and Wesson Governor might be a treatment option. 410 rounds. Snake no more.
  8. when LFR sends me a text with a link to ammunition, by the time i link into the site, OUT OF STOCK.
  9. If you can find it, that is to say the caliber(s) you need, you are going to pay a very high price. I noticed what Tim said on Military Arms Channel when he was shooting the new version of the Stribog. Not using full magazines due to limited supplies coming in and he is sponsored by Federal. I understand that roughly 5 million new gun owners have come into the fold due to the Lefts "brown shirts" aka ANTIFA and BLM. Couple this to those who buy ammunition during times of challenge and there you go...guns and ammunition prices through the roof. Unfortunately this affects us all as I would like more range time to dial in my new KNS Precision Adjustable Gas Piston for the IWI Galil Ace 308 but alas, times are challenging. I will just have to run it factory closed (no recoil reduction). She is a mule but wow, so fun to hold and shoot. I actually had my VEPR 308 up for a few months to sell on Indiana Armslist but pulled it down. 23 inches of chrome lined barrel best kept in my rotation of tools.
  10. Sound advice on purchasing at the store. A few years back, I took out a self loan (my retirement account allows loans) and purchased an OLD GLORY gun safe. Best investment of my retirement account to date. Glad to hear things are progressing on the safe, challenging as it has been.
  11. Good afternoon Patriots and Concerned Citizens. There are reports of possible agricultural uncertainty coming. Regardless of the lack of information being presented by the MSM, China is under certain agricultural stress due to severe flooding and here in the USA, Iowa was hit early August with severe agricultural damage (this includes ground crops and storage stocks). https://www.fr24news.com/a/2020/08/its-all-gone-floods-in-china-ruin-farmers-and-risk-raising-food-prices.html https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/iowa-farmers-assess-losses-after-derecho-storm-flattens-cornfields-destroys-n1236623 Granted, it takes time for the effects to be felt however, coupled with economic stress, civil unrest, the food crisis is likely going to be another leading cause of turmoil. During the first SARS-CoV2 (Covid 19) stress upon the economy here, the food storage system was heavily favored towards restaurants and less favored towards grocery stores. Remember the lines (not just for toilet paper)? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-26/first-time-americans-spend-more-eating-out-food-home This will affect all of us in the coming year. Gear is great, training is great. Standing together against the tyranny; priceless. Guns, ammunition, again...priceless but without FOOD, it all comes crashing down! When the BLM and ANTIFA aren't getting their food from restaurants and other's who support them, they will come looking to stores and other places for "free" by looting. Canned good, shelf stable supplies, etc are still available but for how long????? Food for thought...........so to speak. God bless!
  12. I went the same route as LFR My town is marked but no name nor other identifiable information is listed.
  13. This kid with the support of some great people who stepped into the breach to defend him showed great courage. Thanks for sharing
  14. Automatic rifle? No. Assault Rifle? No Modern Sporting Rifle? Yes This was a matter of time. The mob reacts without repercussion until a 17yr old boy defends himself with a rifle. First shot...known sexual predator and known criminal. Second and Third shot, attackers. You swing a skate board or try to do a jumping kick when someone is down. Consequences are you can get shot. They did.
  15. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/08/19/goodyear-bans-blue-lives-matter-and-maga-slogans-allows-black-lives-matter/
  16. My recommendation from a husbands perspective............ Select several pistols at a range that allows renting. We are all unique in builds and skills. My wife's first purchase was a freaking mule kicker. We sold it. I purchased a SIG 938. She can easily rack the slide and with that being said, It would have been better before I dropped the $$$ on this fine semi, that she shot it and SHE liked it. She does like it though. She is very proficient with all the handguns I (ummm....we) own. She just can't rack them all easily. That being said, in an intense situation that will arise, a failure to eject or failure to feed leads to a heavy paperweight in her hands. She likes the S&W Governor and she has not shot yet the Taurus 692 but she has handled it and dry fired it. It met with approval which is why after she shoots it, it is going into her night stand with 7 rounds of liberty 9mm ammunition.
  17. The information is limited but clearly available. https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/biochemistry-genetics-and-molecular-biology/wi-38 https://www.lawfirms.com/resources/environment/environment-health/cdc-members-own-more-50-patents-connected-vaccinations Purpose; Aborted fetal tissue harvested, isolated, cultured is used to produce vaccines. CDC promotes vaccines because scientist at CDC have a vested financial interest. As a molecular biologist with 20+ years on the bench in both Academic and Corporate Science, information available to those willing to spend time doing some basic research. Certainly, science is real but the issue is with the scientist. This can be said of anything. I developed a method to detect residual microbial DNA in a crop protection agent https://www.croplife.com/crop-inputs/dow-details-molecular-forensic-technology-for-insecticides Residual DNA from the source material remains (bacterial, human, etc...) Ever wonder why children have ill effects from vaccines? Certainly, I am not an expert at anything however, the Lord God gave me thought and a mind. People don't want to use their minds, they want others to determine what to think, when to think and how to think. I see it every day at Purdue Univeristy. Additionally, check out the paper from Wuhan China https://www.nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NEJMoa2001017 especially focus on the Figure 3 in the Results. Look at the max size and realize that an N95 mask effective particle reduction is 0.3microns at 95%. The largest reported virus size is 0.140microns. Mask have some nefarious means beyond my scope but stopping a virus, really?? Maybe reduce vapor droplets from talking but honestly, how certain is the death rate from SARS-CoV2 (Covid19)?
  18. Currently, the newer social media platform is not as censorship minded as Facebook. Certainly the communist/socialist exist on this site too but at this point, not much influence. Facebook was never a peoples platform, it started out as a college source platform created by less than stellar individuals and then went main stream. I eliminated my Michael Purdue account this morning. Felt good.
  19. Wow, I missed this earlier. Very good video that answers a question of if I could do it. Looks great. One of my sets is going green. Thanks for the vid links
  20. No one can say that we do not live in troubling times. Honestly, monuments of history that don't fit the new narrative: torn down. Representatives (both houses) chosen to represent the people: Self serving only. Separation of Powers (Constitutional based); just an old piece of paper. Power extended to people to protect ALL citizens (emphasis on citizens); means to control and subjugate. Brothers and sisters in arms, concerned citizens all, If you have never looked upon GOD's grace given through HIS Son Jesus Christ, please consider the time now to do just that. NO ONE knows the time nor date that Jesus is coming to bring the saints (saved sinners) into the Father's house. While breath is still within you, GOD's grace is still free to accept. Zero cost involved on your end. Paid in full for you. As everything that we have known to be good about America is being destroyed right before our eyes, and granted, some will give their lives for this wonderful liberty we have, perhaps you consider yourselves among those willing to do just that, consider that GOD's grace leads to freedom for all eternity. On a more personal note, my wife and I are both saved by Jesus Christ blood, death and our hope is in His resurrection but she knows that if called upon, it is a noble cause to fight for freedom from the evilness that is bringing all this calamity upon us. I won't ask her to surrender her life but she knows that I will not submit to this BS tyranny destroying the beloved land I call home. We have talked about it and she understands that our separation won't be long (in God's time line). The BS i submit too now cost me very little, it is worldly BS but when the time comes to surrender life, so be it. Sucks, yep. Stand shoulder to shoulder with believers and non believers alike that are willing to fight for their families, friends and communities, certainly will. Fight because other's are just looking for a fight to advance some narrative they have in their mind, no going to find me there. I am no longer in the military, fighting for my country if need be. I am married to my best friend, had/have great parents, family and friends, they are who I surrender my life for. Nothing more, nor less. Stepping off the soap box now, thank you for the opportunity that I have had to meet a few of you, and others here, perhaps one day soon. God bless and keep you safe (His love and my IWI Galil ACE working it at my end) GFS_98 OUT
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