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  1. This would hold true with the exception of disposition of forces and/or equipment.
  2. The 804 Militia is actively looking for and recruiting new members.  We are looking for in need of persons for all forms of support from field ops to rear echelon duties.  Sign up to help us out for when the problems come our way.

  3. The Senate in Virginia handed Governor Northam a defeat (for this year at least) on his attempt to have legislation pushed the House and Senate so he could sign it that would ban most semi-automatic weapons in Virginia and most especially so called assault rifles. The committee in the Senate refused to pass the bill on to the full chamber, instead referring it to the Crime Commission for further study and to come back next year with a report. At that time the Senate will reconsider the bill. That gives another year to work to defeat this bill. Also, there will be court challenges to the other bills once the governor signs them into law which will drag out for a long time I fear. We are in Virginia remember and also the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has been very liberal in its rulings so this could possible one the goes al the way to the Supreme Coourt.
  4. Michael Bloomberg was in Virginia last night preaching his version of "freedom" to the Democrats. We all know of his version of freedom from his long term as mayor of New York City with its ""stop and frisk" law and disregard for individual rights. Now he is funding national anti-gun issues all over. The gun bills pending in the Virginia legislature are there because he bought and paid for all of the Democrats swept in during the last elections with the promise of gun reform. We need to mobilize our friends and neighbors now to fight this growing menace while we can.
  5. Sheldon


  6. With a new Democratically controlled legislature and a Democratic governor they are planning on passing some draconian laws in this state to restrict the availability of the citizens to freely have access to their rights under the 2nd Amendment. In fact, they are planning on increasing the funding for the prison system to cover the expected costs of incarcerating those convicted of these new laws. They have also proposed using the National Guard to take weapons away from individuals. It looks like George Orwell was off by a couple of years.

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