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  1. 19.95 per case but it has to repacked in a priority box or its more if you still want them in the case Fedex is quite expensive I ran into that issue before
  2. Thank you so much Mike it was a pleasure working with you. It’s really wonderful talking to like minded respectful individuals like you
  3. do you have a menu list, would like to see

    1. Matt In West Virginia

      Matt In West Virginia

      @ Radiouser ? I just recieved 4 cases from her. I can gather you a list of what is included in the A Rations case and what is in the B Rations case.

    2. Radiouser


      no need for that, thanks anyway

  4. They were manufactured on 7/16 20 year shelf life if stored properly I guarantee the product and have great referrals
  5. each have heaters sorry still learning how to respond on this website, I guarantee my product
  6. Yes absolutely these were manufactured on 7/16 each case is dated I am currently sold out of 17 and 18's I guarantee all my products and have great references and referrals
  7. Ever single one has a heater and there are 14 meals per case a ration and a half compared to the military of the single ration. Manufacture date is 7/16 I am currently sold out of 17 and 18's and I guarantee my product and have great references and referrals and many repeat customers
  8. Absolutely I guarantee my product and the manufacture date is 7/16 on the mre's I have currently. I am currently sold out of 17 & 18's
  9. Thank you so much anyway I can help like minded people to be prepared
  10. Thank you and absolutely I guarantee my product currently the mres I have where manufactured on 7/16 all cases are dated I am currently sold out of 2017
  11. Newly issued MRE Cases 14 meals per case a ration and a half per meal each with heaters. Sopacko now manufactures all MREs for both civilian and military. The military mres are only a single ration and 12 per case the first photos are what I have and the last photo is the military MREs if you zoom in you’ll see they are made by the same manufacturer. For sale only to you for $28 a case I charge everyone else $35 a case. I have great referrals and references and I’m located in Akron Ohio. mention militia when you contact me to get this deal claire 3306176384

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