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  1. Non military survivalist well versed in all types of weapons, have been a certified mechanic (mostly diesel and heavy machinery) for approx. 16 years. If I can't repair it, it can't be done. I live in Tipton county tn. Actively seeking like minded constitutionalists like myself to maybe join and train and do whatever I can do to protect our sovereignty for our childrens sake and ours. Let's keep our country great!
  2. Yes sirs, How right you are Mr. IwillStand, and Mr. Obbop! The fake media has already been trying to program the clueless masses into believing it's nothing but a group of violent clansmen that's going to be there. And they've also been reporting that over 90 percent of Virginians are completely FOR the new gun laws, imagine that. I don't see how they can get away with such blatant lies and untruths on a daily basis, There should be new laws to hold them accountable for all the anti American socialist propaganda they spew into the atmosphere every day (that's where all the air pollution is coming from).
  3. I'm doing everything I can to reach out and get people educated in the TRUTH! We've all got to realize that its not just Virginia at risk of losing their valuable rights. And the ability to uphold their sovereignty and the Constitution. Virginia is only the start. It'll be where they decide rather or not it's worth spreading their tyrannical socialist globalization agenda to the rest of our great nation. We must not give in to them. Our children's futures are at stake. I wish I could attend also. But duty calls me at home for the moment. I'll be watching and praying for all our brothers that do get to show in person. Just know that there is backup in Tennessee, if needed.
  4. Redd. Ill always be on call. And will respond when needed. Just say the word brothers. I wanna make a difference and make sure my young daughter doesnt fall victim to the growing socialist movement. (I'd die preventing that from EVER happeneing!!!!) KAG!!!
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  6. Redd. No formal military training. Certified diesel tech for 18 yrs. Born and raised in the backwoods of West TN. Quite proficient in survival and a few weapons. I come from a patriotic, constitutionalist military family. I do pend time in the woods training myself as much as one man can. I study historical tactics. I mainly want to do anything i can to help ensure our constitution doesnt get enfringed upon and help protect our rights and sovereignty. However i can. Thanks fellow patriots for allowing me your time. KAG!!
  7. Hi brothers in sovereignty. Im Redd. Im born and raised in the Covington. Tn. Rual areas and forests. Ive grown up with a patriotic family thats alway been 100% about preserving our great constitution as our forefathers meant it to be. Ive always believed in strong militias to help keep it that way. I come from a military type family. Anywhere from national guard to navy to army and proud patriots. One of my main regrets is not joining the military myself. I do spend time daily in the wilderness trying to train myself and be prepared as much as i can alone for if/when the time comes to act/protect ourselves and the innocent. Discretion is key. Ive made it my absolute passion. I would im 43 and id like nothing more than be able to do my part to help in any way possible. I am proficient in various weapons and survival tactics. Someone please point me in the right direction.

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