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  1. Hey John, I'm out around Warrenton. Drop me a line

  2. semperFI and GOD bless all here and those that gave so much for the cause of freedom from 1775 to 2016 USMC VET
  3. were are you all located in missouri and how can this USMC vet join

    1. fixer


      go to the missouri forum to find locals :)

  4. we are the missouri defense corps we stand to the defense of freedom in america and the state of MO we are a new unit being built based in marion co mo we are made up of hunters,military vets,and patriots willing to answer the call for this special off the grid type unit we are from the people here to help and also want to setup a link with others groups in MO from maj Gen Don c commander of the M D C were looking for volunteers to join us messege me for more info
  5. they also work for D H S and femma and even train with U N TROOPS are apart of the enemy forces so dont trust none of them
  6. new here SemperFI TO all fellow patriots USMC vet field trained sniper

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