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  1. I can't believe that cop didn't know what I was talkin about!! He looked at me like I'm crazy!!
  2. Hey y'all. I can't find how to make a new post, so maybe y'all can be patient with me while I post off-topic here... Have any of you heard of the new digital utility meters? The ones that spy on people's homes and people in them? They just installed one at my mother's house. I was here and told them we didn't want it because it's that un nwo gov't spying bullshit. They told me it was mandatory. I told them I'm gonna check it out and if it can't be changed back they're gonna be right back out here changing it back. They laughed at me. I told them don't laugh at me because they won't ne laughing when that un nwo bs hits the fan! They called the cops on me!! So I talked to him. He didn't know anything about the bs about to go down. Never heard of agenda21. Didn't know that the Pine Bluff Arsenal, about a mile from here is a fema camp and didn't even know what a fema camp is! Has anyone else heard of these spy meters? Does anyone have any info about them? Any additional info will be appreciated. Many thanks!
  3. I'm still hearing crickets. I sincerely doubt that we'll find any killary supporters here!! I still wonder how anybody could consider voting for her!! Wonder what it's gonna take for them to wake up and see her for what she is??
  4. Now, I am, by no stretch of anyone's imagination, a wise man. That bein' said... It's a big media thing that it was a lgbt club that was attacked. By the same kind of individual they wanna welcome. Oh, and it's an act of "domestic terroerism"? Ok. If you are born in Arkansas or Oregon or wherever, you are a native American. I am a Native American. There is a difference. "Domestic" means on US soil. The Orlando incident, by virtue of being committed on American soil makes it "domestic"? Looks to me like they shouldn't call it domestic and own up to what it is. Another islimic attack on US soil. It was not "domestic." It was jihad. Just sayin'.
  5. It's HERITAGE, not HATE!! Damned history books wanna paint it up like the War of Northern Aggression was all about slavery when it was about State's Rights! And SRs are becoming a thing of the past! And y'all know what offends me!!? Changin' Confederate Blvd's in LR, AR name (forget what it's being changed to. Hell, when I go to LR and don't see CB I'm liable to get lost!! Been CB all my life and will always be CB to me!!) and just read that down in Fla they changed the name of Old Dixie Highway to pres barrack hussein obama because those names offend people!! This pc bs is for the birds!! It's got to stop!! Anyway, y'all please sign me up!

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