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  1. @ Danite here are some options for your carrier (with the limited info i have). 1L source bladder - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008S9DTLM/ref=twister_B008S9DURK?_encoding=UTF8&th=1 1.5-3L qore performance, theres a few attachment options - https://www.qoreperformance.com/?view=military 1-2L haily strategic flat pack - https://haleystrategic.com/flatpack hope this helps
  2. those are some great visuals (hard to find). the ones with black in them stand out more than those that dont. this would heavily depend on where youre "working".
  3. if you look at the map theres a few people in that area. you could reach out & message them on here & see who's active
  4. only thing ill nit pick is our ability to "give" rights away. right are inalienable. as such we lack the ability (& authority) to "give" rights away. so many of us our contracting in ignorance.
  5. AR (set up for NV). built it to be rugged but light. mid-range purpose. stock G19 w/ big dot sight, will be switching to fission sights. lights on both
  6. Testudo, Veritas, @ freeman packages. make sure to choose the plates you want. carrier + plates + trauma pads. https://www.ar500armor.com/promotions-sales.html
  7. hey you seem to be a just across town. have you looked into joining the 501?

  8. my input on 5 guns; 1 - a 9mm "glock" style pistol, lots of brands making them now (canic, shield, PSA, etc.). pistol is 1st in my book because you can carry it every day. 2 - 5.56 AR. tyranny resister. length & optic will vary by location. for tyranny & home defense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3sLHGduI3w the following are not in order. it heavily depends on area, mission, & capabilities. 3 - shotgun. variety of loads. good for "bugging in". due to minimal carry ammo, not great for anything far away from the stash. if youre interested in learning, this is where to begin; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwG-D0HjCBQ&list=PLJUaiRIEduNXoal2_PkBZi0vDCIcEPxUn 4 - long range. I am not versed in this (doesnt apply to me area). however; I know there is a need for it in area. 5 - the .22 is arguably the most useful round, but not a good defense round (save your stories, not interested). if you want to get into a group that is very blunt on what is crap & what isnt find & follow " Regular Guy Training Youtube fan page" on FB.
  9. what aspect of the mining process do you do, or know of?
  10. im in arkansas. lol, itd be a long drive.
  11. before advocating for cheap gun, some may want to look at this (from 5 - 5:20) & keep in mind there are others who just havent went down yet,
  12. no. the jist is; it is not out of reach for the "average" citizen to defend ourselves against the military. we probably wont have to, but thats another topic.
  13. this is the only thing I found on them. their parent company has a FB pag, but no website. no news on them since 2015.
  14. with the state that VA is in, I would choose for my county to become part of WV. they have already invited all the 2A counties. they are one of only 2 or 3 states that ALL their counties are red. start the balkanization process, many counties & states are on the cusp of doing it themselves. there's also a couple compacts out there that would form union against unconstitutional acts of the federal government. these things are the best chances we have to take back this country peacefully (for the most part).

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