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  1. leadership can be key https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9b1DG86a4k
  2. i think more ranks should be available between captain & general as the need arises. also, as numbers grow duties of rank should naturally delegate. ive also have a blog on ranks which is similar.
  3. i made a "proficiency" chart for our group. at a glance you can see who is capable for 'deployment'. idealy they should be standardized, geared up, have food/water, the ability to mobilize with everything, not put themselves or their family in a financial bind, & be trained on the things the mission dictates. thats the short version anyway.
  4. wquon

    Growing You’re Ranks

    when i used the term "role" i meant things like, HAM trainer, social media manager, treasurer, and so on. not distinguishing leadership roles could work in a small team, but get confusing in a larger group. no rank designations would get confusing when working with other organizations as well.
  5. wquon

    Growing You’re Ranks

    militias arent new. this is for folks that want to put a structure together, not for teams/groups that arent looking to grow. i see many militias who are trying to do this, but fail. theyre options are usually 1) stick with an failed rank structure, 2) start all over.
  6. You chose ranks, and now have an idea of how they differ from the military. Time for the next considerations. In my experience some groups do it backwards when starting out. They’re the general, they get some friends and they’re colonels, and then the lower ranks trickle in. please don’t do this. Start with the small ranks and move up (refer to the pic above). Battle Buddy Teams are important (thanks to General Marshal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRjvBhiJwj8However; I have a caveat to this. 3 people form 1 CPL and 2 PVTs, the next rank comes in at 7 people; 1 SGT, 2 CPLs, 4 PVTs. So what do you do between 3 and 7people? simple answer, go heavy in the lower rank. Example; 4 ppl = 1 CPL, 3 PVTs 5 ppl = 2 CPLs, 3 PVTs 6 ppl = 2 CPLs, 4 PVTs and so on. (I’ll leave a pic below) These numbers will depend on your groups activity which can vary wildly. If a group takes a loss in numbers, shift down in rank. When you get multiple areas or a state wide group (weather its zones, districts, area codes, however you want to break it down) you will need a higher rank, and there will most likely be a rank gap between the state and local level. This is okay and I will explain why next time. For now, this is a good stopping point. Take care folks.
  7. Yay! You’ve chosen a rank system, now what? Now may be the time to take a look at what role a rank plays in your organization. In the military rank is used for organization, but so much more is connected with it. Pay is a big one, status another, proficiency… eh, you’d be surprised. Rank in the militia is a tool for organization and purpose. Unlike the military, rank should be much more fluid meaning; John is a Captain and has been here over 3 years. A life event has happened and John can’t give the role the attention it needs, he steps down and Fred steps up. This is not a negative on John. Knowing ones limitations (and asking for assistance) is a strength, and a group that can share the yolk of burden in trying times will most likely weather the storms in life. Ranks can be used as an organization for communication as well. One should consider people who can teach rather than ones who are proficient, but can’t show others to do the same, for leadership roles. Some folks get hooked on how the military operates and how they treat lower enlisted/ranked. In the military you are in a legal contract, if you tick off the wrong person they can ruin your life. This is not how it should be in the militia. People are lazy, poor listeners, and flaky. It is what it is, but you can not start yelling at them like they’re some private. They are patriots, or at least have some modicum of themselves that wants to be. In a later blog I intend to talk about “proficiencies” and accountability which should help in choosing people for ranks. And just a reminder, you don’t need a rank to be a leader. Thank you and stay tuned.
  8. Many people have really neat ideas when it comes to rank, others want to go strictly military. Before choosing, I would like to point out that (preferably) militias will be working along side LEOs (law enforcement officers) and the military. To keep this short and sweet the picture above illustrates what the usual ranks are for LEOs. The army is familiar with all of these ranks, but LEOs are not familiar with all of the amy’s. (the army’s private first class is used in LEO ranking as well, even though not shown above) Since militia do not have the depth of rank that the military has, fewer ranks are needed. I will be explaining this more in blogs that will follow. My goal is to give folks that are interested in starting a militia (or are stream lining an existing one) some things to consider. The experience I draw on is 3 years active duty, combat arms, with a deployment. I also have over 2 years in a militia, & I’m helping others in setting up the admin/structure side of things.
  9. heres a site ive been using for years to find what i need. https://www.majorgeeks.com/mg/sortname/video_downloaders.html
  10. howard leights were the go to for cheap noise canceling earpro for a while, but in recent years walker razor slim earpro has been the go to for the best value. they've got a few to pick from so choose your price range. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=walker+razor+slim+ear+pro&link_code=qs&sourceid=Mozilla-search&tag=mozilla-20
  11. im not talking about moving alot of water. one should have the ability to carry over 5 gallons of water with them (1+ 5g water jugs), & have the ability to get more. lol otherwise someone is going to have to invest in a water buffalo trailer. if someone had the basics of beans & rice for 1 person for 1 year, that would easily fit in a truck. (hopefully they have more than that to avoid food fatigue) folks probably are never going to need to carry more than 3 months with them. disaster relief deployment is the most likely scenario for militias. those deployments last less than a month on average. plus, having ones own food instead of a shared stockpile or preconceived list allows the individual to work around food allergies and the like.
  12. while this is a solution, Id prefer something a little different. each individual needs to have a minimum of 1 year food supply (and a way to move it). IF deployed, command will communicate how much supplies to bring. while i get the convenience of disposable everything, thats just going to make for alot of trash (and one can only burn so much, if thats even an option). the vid was also void of caloric & water metrics. a case of water doesnt go as far as theyre letting on.
  13. wquon

    Why a Chestrig?

    When used in conjunction with a plate carrier it will save you money because you have a dual purpose item. unclip it from the carrier & snap a harness (or compatible bag) and you're in business. most harnesses are easy enough to throw in a bag or dangle pouch, so if you need to drop weight in a crap scenario you can shed your carrier while maintaining the ability to fight. If you're up where it gets cold you can wear your carrier on the inside of your racket & throw the chest rig on the out side. Doing some light patrols or recon? go with a chest rig. The spiritus M4 is an example of a highly customizable micro chest rig. minimum is can carry 3 rifle mags, but you could opt to carry 10 on that sucker (I'll leave some links). In my opinion, save that $40-90 your going to spend on mag pouches or shingle for your carrier, & go with a chest rig. https://www.spiritussystems.com/micro-fight-chassis-mk4/ look at shop all to see the accessories, a clone if the MK4 can be found here; https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32647140584.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.5.72f951famiCwX6 (scroll down to see basic set & premium set) here's a vid of what it looks like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Igh7_IQs_4 And there ya have it.
  14. while I consider myself a constitutional libertarian, that may change to propertarian soon. the "spectrum" of libertarians over recent years has increase. from socialist libertarians to anarchist (aka volunteerism). many pursue their form of liberty & at what cost. the party itself can rarely get along. even if one could live in a libertarian society they the rules wouldn't be defined & heavily open to individual interpretation, not to mention the conservation of the commons would be lacking (at the least). while I sympathies with those that would preach liberty, too many disagree with the morals applied to freedom to get to that liberty. propertarianism is the way to go, so that we may amend the constitution & slow (if not stop) the paracitism that has taken over this land.

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