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  1. https://www.worldviewweekend.com/radio/audio/brannon-howse-november-4-2020
  2. https://coloradosun.com/2020/11/03/colorados-national-popular-vote/
  3. https://thehill.com/policy/defense/524528-military-ballots-among-those-left-to-be-counted
  4. Yes...I saw 2 different videos of Republicans poll watchers trying to get in the room where the dems were "counting" away without them. Funny, it was 2 different states but the security guards that would not let them in were using the exact same excuse. They were obeying "COVID RESTRICTIONS", whatever that means. ?coincidence? Boy that COVID really turned out to serve them well...
  5. Well...apparently Jay Sekulow doesn't think so...and he is wayyy smarter than anyone I know... https://aclj.org/election-law/defend-the-constitution-and-the-integrity-of-this-election
  6. This is Jay Sekulow's organization... https://aclj.org/ You can share this page... https://aclj.org/election-law/defend-the-constitution-and-the-integrity-of-this-election This may actually apply some pressure on the newly formed Supreme court...
  7. Of course I am sure none of us think that everything is perfect about our elections. That would be unrealistic. I was thinking though, Pres has the right idea. If only we could get a class action suit going...maybe winning compensation and use it for protection of 2A? I think that I read Jay Sekulow was the filer. You know that is where it could get really "complicated." Rampant, organized, fraud may be the way they are gaining the confidence in order to push these restrictive measures, or abolishment alltogether...(dem dream).... We just voted on a referndum to ban "assault" weapons and large
  8. There is more going on... People are saying that it actually says right on the top of the ballot to only use blue/black ink pen.
  9. They should all be dropped off on the West side of Chicago...seperate the men from the boys...
  10. Thats what I thought about the Northwestern kids in Evanston. It was peaceful at first, then not so much later. Always a potential there. Better to be aware than not and not to assume. Nobody really knows who some of these kids are too. Read a report from Washington State and they had determined that there were people other than locals in the crowd. The way I see it is if you are there, you are fair game. would be interesting if they were dropped off on the West side of Chicago...seperate the men from the boys...
  11. https://www.exposesunrise.com/

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