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  1. Yo u a r e v o t i n g f o r t h e w o r l d . I t i s o u r r e s p o n s i b i l t y t o s t a n d u p f o r w h a t i s r i g h t a n d d e n o u n c e w h a t i swrong. My father and your grandfather at 18 went to fight and lay down his life for this country and itsprinciples. Many men like him did not even think twice about risking their lives for us to have freedomand prosperity. For them, the decision was easy despite the consequences. We are not voting foronly ourselves, but for the world's freedom and future. This is not about Trump and Biden. They arehuman and imperfect. The ideals that they stand for are what we are voting for. Their records shouldspeak for themselves We need our eyes wide open..(3 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize) Theirdecisions make a huge difference, and not only for us. What we do affects the whole world. Keepingus out of war will strenthen us. We are voting for success and growth. Not for stifiling control andoppression. With the positive, we will all come together. We can makes things better in THIS way.There is no room for us in Globalism/the new Socialism. Globalism is not the utopia that they taught incollege. Respect and dignity comes with personal strength and perserverance. All of these unrealisticideals that Socialistic/Globalistic propaganda teaches will further divide and weaken us. The rich willcompletely control every aspect of your life. Your freedom does not matter to them. Your children willnot know freedom. Socialism is all about control and manipulation, and not in your favor. It will notonly take your finances, it will take your soul as well. The WW2 survivors can verify this to you. Pleaseshare.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-awkYhtey50) We need to learn from our past mistakes,and not repeat them. Be extremely aware of deceit as it rears its ugly head when we are not looking.(https://youtu.be/Yg9Pcg2nmsk) Our system is not perfect by any means, but Socialism is not theanswer. It was not in the past, and is not the answer now. Socialism makes ultimate slavery and apermanent control over you for the rich. Unfortunately human greed and coruption prevents anysuccess towards being more "social"or "progressive" when there is monetary gain as an influencer.They call them the 7 deadly sins and greed is one. (Look them up).There is no creativity where peoplecannot have freedom and happiness. We will lose our individualism and human identity. This is a highprice to pay. Dependence breeds control. Independence breeds freedom. Freedom breeds life. Wecannot thrive to solve our challenges without coming togther. We need to support each other and usethat strength for the good of the world. Whatever we do today, will set the trajectory for the future.For the past 4 years, the world has seen many great things from America. These things havebenefitted the world in the form of peace. If you vote for anything, peace is worth voting for. We needborders. We need police. We need our military. They are our brothers and sisters. Nothing is free inthis world. There is always give and take. This is the natural order of things. We need medicalautonomy. To make our own decisions about what to put in our bodies and our children's bodies. Ourprecious, fragile future. Not to have forced healthcare/vaccinations. We need to protect our choice.This is a God-given right not to be abused for money/gain or under the guise of the "greater good"ofsociety over personal automomy and decisiveness. God gave us freedom to make mistakes and grow.Free will. This is the essence of life. Not to let fear drive our lives. This is the weapon of choice ofevilness. To be able to learn and grow to become a better society naturally as a positive progression.Not forced, unnatural and artificial. The natural form of everything is and will always be the best. Theworld is meant to be shared by all who treasure pure beauty. Not for a few people to control and takefor themselves. We will take care of our world. We are an inseperable part of nature, so we literallyhave no choice. Nature is us and we nature. Human nature is to inherrently take care of things. It willhappen with all of us working together and with prosperity and individualistic ideas working in inunnison. Seperate we are nothing. Together we are everything. Positive change will come with goodand not evil. Cooperation and collaboration with our fellow man. Not just a few opinions in aboardroom influenced and driven by money. Innovation through strength of ideas and careful, gentleimplementation. Together, for all of us. We will do better just like we always have, We have beenimproving since the dawn of time and it will not stop as long as we protect and act on what is rightand true and reject what is wrong and false. We will have guidance through faith. We must follow inour father's and grandfather's footsteps and hopefully they will be smiling at us from above. This isthe America we need to keep and grow and develop. We need to lead and not take a step backward.The world is worth fighting for. Don't give it all up and the world will thank and support us to makeeveryone spread happiness and love, which in turn will make the whole world a better place. Justthink of this huge responsibility that was given to us. The scope of repercussions are endless. Ourvision needs to be able to see beyond the obvious and act on good solid principle and gut. Protection. It is all up to us.



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