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    1. Doug1943


      A very interesting site -- a bit depressing, but well worth looking at. Thank you for posting it!

    2. KCS


      No problemo....Think we need something these days to challenge anyone to go beyond the school "systems" and what they "teach" and search for the real truth that has never been expressed. Glad that you have enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day and stay safe!


      As they call me..."A Constitutionalist" but my God given name is Ó Ceallaigh. In the Celtic history books it means :

        "Descendant of Ceallach," "bright haired," or "troublesome." Though some have linked it to the old Irish "ceall" for "church." It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of O' Ceallaigh is "strife, war".

      I think that I have all of those traits, especially "troublesome". Not so much "war" but I do what I have to do and if war is it, then so be it....It is what it is...


      My "last" name is even stranger.


      The name is derived from maoin a Gaelic word meaning wealth or treasure of treasure, hence when "..." was anglicised it meant the descendant of the wealthy one.[1]

      According to Irish lore, the "..." family comes from one of the largest and most noble Irish lines. They are said to be descendants of the ancient Irish King Heremon, who, along with his brother Herber, conquered Ireland. Heremon slew his brother shortly after their invasion, took the throne for himself, and fathered a line of kings of Ireland that include Malachi II, and King Niall of the Nine Hostages.

      Baptismal records, parish records, ancient land grants, the Annals of the Four Masters, and books by O'Hart, McLysaght, and O'Brien were all used in researching the history of the "..." family name. These varied and often ancient records indicate that distant septs of the name arose in several places throughout Ireland. The most known and most numerous sept came from the county of Offaly. The members of this sept were from Chieftain Monach, son of Ailill Mor, Lord of Ulster, who was descended from the Kings of Connacht. These family members gave their name to town lands both in that county and in the neighbouring county of Leix.[2]  

       I actually do have brothers that would probably be on separate sides because they are SO DIFFERENT and definitely have different points of views/morals.           STILL LOOKING FOR MY CROWN!!!! Maybe this will be the year?? Hehehe....CHEERS!! STAY SAFE ALL...O' Ceallaigh

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