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  1. Some TRUTH about COVID-19.


    I work in a hospital in Chicago. As of yesterday, there are 22 patients that absolutely have COVID-19. NO DEATHS as of yesterday. There were about 1500 tests done. 17% of these were positive.  No doctors or nurses have passed away. They are having us wear N-95 masks/gown/gloves/bunny suit/shoe covers because this virus is more contagious than influenza because it has an incubation period of 12-14 days, therefore, you could be a carrier and not know it. It is passed more easily because of this. Healthcare workers are wearing these things to also protect other patients from getting it from us! This is why staying away from others is recommended. This is an equal opportunity virus. (Sorry young people).  This is the reason why we have such a lag in time with information and it is harder to get in front of the virus. The absolute best thing that you can do is BUILD UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!! Vitamin C, D,  Zinc, plenty of non-dehydrating fluids. SLEEP!!!! Eat well...NO JUNK FOOD!!! Keep a good GUT! This is where  a large part your immunity lies in addition to your lymphatic system. Try to eat organic fruit that has a lot of vitamin C, like berries/oranges. Elderberry syrup is good for kids that will not eat fruit. If you can't get organic, try to get fruit with thick skins and wash them well. Bananas/avocados are good examples. DO NOT SKIP MEALS!! If you have to at least drink a juice or already made protein shake if you cannot eat. (Except for diabetics). For you guys, try to get a protein shake without sugar. Some people swear by Colloidal Silver.  I do not have experience with that. Exercise mildly if you can. Do not over stress your body. You cannot overdose on Vitamin C if your kidneys are working well. At LEAST 8 hours sleep per night, if not more. WASH YOUR HANDS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!  If you cannot, try to have at least 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer. Try to get some masks/ rubber gloves and while you are out, try to keep one clean hand, and one dirty hand. (We use that technique in the hospital sometimes). Use paper towels instead of towels to dry your hands. I am right handed, so I keep my right hand clean and my left hand dirty if absolutely needed. Keep wipes in your car and use them wherever your hands touch.  Even at the ATM! Watch the mail that you bring in. Open it with gloves and throw it out including cardboard boxes, asap. Try to avoid crowds as much as possible, and if you cannot, get out of the crowded area as soon as you can. If you live in a building, watch what you touch and DO NOT touch your face! In my building, I have been cleaning off any surface that hands touch. If everyone in my building stays in good health, so will I. We all have to think of each other too! If you know of a senior, check on them. Help your neighbors if they need it, but just be careful for you both. TRY TO BUILD AN IMMUNE SHIELD AROUND YOUR BODY!!  Keep clean with showers/baths frequently. If some virus gets on your hair, you can shower and get rid of it. That way, if you have protection, but maybe make a mistake and touch your face, your immunity will take over. Be careful of your eyes as well. Viruses can enter there too. Wear some glasses if you go out.  The ambulances in Chicago are using a product that uses UV radiation to disinfect the ambulance after a COVID-19 patient was in there and after each call. It is actually made by a "Pet company" named "Petairapy". It kills all cells and I believe they make more than one kind of unit. I think they have HVAC as well.

    It completely kills the virus in about 5 minutes. It is really amazing. Here is a link to the story:




    It could work in a hospital/nursing home/school very easily!

    The company is located in St. Charles, Illinois.


    Do not listen to Alex ones too much. It will just stress you out. Listen to music to calm you.


    Remember, the countries that are getting hit the most are the ones like us that have big cities where people are close together. Countries that have people spread out will be a lot less. It is difficult to get someone sick if you are not around them. Hence, just do what you absolutely need to.  A vaccine may not help you if they try to develop one. The influenza vaccine is not matched most of the time and is not extremely effective. Not  only that, but vaccines have adjuvants, some that are forms of mercury ( thimerosal) and preservatives/aluminum and actually may lower your immunity.




    So....this thing is avoidable and not forever! It can be killed like any other virus. It just hangs around longer on surfaces and in the air. They said 3 hours in the air and 3 days on surfaces. Clean all of the surfaces where hands go.  Mom's have to be vigilant like they are warriors! So, men support your women!! The smallest effort on your part will be greatly appreciated!! Remember women feel like the "caretakers" of everyone, and if they need a day off or a massage, DO IT!! ** Use common sense and do not be afraid. It will pass. The more careful we are, the sooner this thing goes away and we go back to normal.** Take care of your mental state! Your body and mind is connected closely and you need to think and stay positive! I meditate daily with" Jason Stephenson" on YouTube with his guided mediations. They are so relaxing, I fall asleep every time. If you know that someone is positive (or think that they may be) , get them to the ER if they cannot breathe OR if they feel like they are getting sicker very quickly, or if they are high risk (underlying diagnosis like Diabetes/heart disease/lung issues) and try to mask them if possible. Some of the hospitals are using HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN with some success on the most critical cases and early cases if they can.

    If you have heart disease, these meds may cause arrhythmia so BE CAREFUL WITH THAT!!


    My hospital HAS NOT BEEN OVERWHELMED!!! I live near a LARGE CITY!!! CHICAGO!!  So....be vigilant and take care of each other. DO NOT BE AFRAID and everyone will be complaining about their jobs really soon! Just think of this as an unexpected vacation that you spend to clean your house, car, and sort out those bills that you have been avoiding for a while!! 

    If you have FAITH, PRAY....Never a bad idea.... SPEND TIME WITH YOUR CHILDREN!! Look at this as we are going through this for a reason that we do not understand. All bad has goos and vice-versa. This is LIFE and the way that you handle it is VERY IMPORTANT!!

    I am not sure what is going on in New York, but my best guess would be that they do have more cases because of the size and location that they are in. I see all different numbers on the TV so it is really hard to know what that truth is, so I will not comment on that.

    As for the stores, people were panicking and toilet paper, milk, and bread were hard to come by, but since the beginning of the week, the shelves are stocked again. I always have emergency food/supplies/money  just in case, so that gives me solace.


    <DON'T ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE ON TV> They are humans like us and DON"T always get the stories correct. Everyone is under pressure right now, so expect things to be off.


    I hope this helps some people...I will pray for everyone daily. STAY STRONG!!!!


    Stay safe and happy... AMERICA FOREVER!!!FLAG.jpg.61156364deda378f11f601564183b9b2.jpg


    KCS- *The Constitutionalist*  





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