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  1. KCS, first is the Handle and the top part of the leg on the CCCane I am machining.

    Second is a Ruger P-94 40 caliber pistol that was in my friends truck, he thought is was ready for the trash, this is what it looked like when he brought it to me.

    I told him most likely it just needs cleaning and he thought I was joking.

    Third picture is now, I striped it down and completely cleaned the gun, then I tested all the springs to make sure the truck fire had not reduced their tension or compression, thin I made a new bullet follower in the magazine that had melted when the fire had cooked off a fully loaded magazine, to save the magazine.

    Next I will blue the slide that I re-heat treated just to be on the safe side and then I will make some custom grips out of Black Walnut for him. All this will cost him for the materials I used to make the bullet follower, about $0.15...




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    2. Sgt Dailey

      Sgt Dailey

      I first test fired the pistol in my remote test firing station to make sure all was functioning safely.


      Then I made a video of the test firing to show my friend that I feel the gun is 100% safe to shoot.

    3. Sgt Dailey

      Sgt Dailey

      This is my machine shop.

      I make parts and glad to help anyone if I can.


      I designed and built the monorail hoist to relieve my back, moving heavy items around my shop with the touch of a finger.


      my horizontal metal cutting band saw can cut any metal up to 7” in diameter.


      my twenty ton hydraulic press  can make metal as hard as copper swage with ease, I make my own Lead wire to make bullets from. I have designed and made a set of DIES to swage 9mm brass from copper refrigerant tubing and I will try it on aluminum tubing to use in a leave behind situation. Next is a set of DIES to make .223/5.56 rifle brass.





    4. KCS


      Nice shop!! Reminds me of my dad's. I used to help him build model airplanes and warships in the basement. THAT RUGER LOOKS AMAZING!! Looks like it works just fine....hehe

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