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  1. In the Piedmont area.    Message me if interested. Looking for leaders in every county to join forces and protect our cities

  2. Hi SP,

    Just come on site and reaching out to folks in the area. Good to see you here. Still getting familiar with the site, but I will be in touch.

  3. I am free most sundays and Wednesday. Would love to get something started up. Things are getting too volatile to sit idly by or wait for things to get too bad.
  4. SilentPatriot


  5. So I have been lurking for a few months more or less and there is what seems like no real militia in NC. Is this not for lack of trying? How can there be so few groups in a state of 10 million people? It almost seems like people are keeping these groups from getting bigger. I am in Raleigh-Durham area and there is nothing here. Where have all the patriots gone? I figured the capital would have something.
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