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  1. So we have videos on making beef jerky and best screwdriver bits and a host of other crap that has no militia content just so the posters can get their Youtube hits. Maybe I'll make me some videos of shooting milk jugs with different guns and make me some Youtube money too. Seriously, these are probably the most important times we will live through and maybe even the most dangerous, times that we should be focused and yet we can't get 5 people to show up at an event. Yet we let the predominant site for militias to communicate and recruit be overrun by all of these senseless videos about chicke
  2. So you can broadcast to people with 5 watt radios that you can't hear?
  3. Source of this info? Force Protection Agency is open, I just called them.
  4. And many times this is the case. My advice is to stay the course but involve a broader portion of the community. Believe me, it'll happen with a militia unit as well.
  5. So we can't melt down the coins and make bullets? Ooooops! forgot we have a coin shortage too!
  6. This is a very real concern and why we should not rely on any form of communications we do not control. If things get really nuts, we probably get to kiss the internet goodbye for a while. It's what I'd do.
  7. Disaster radio is a mesh wireless ethernet that requires nodes or "hotspots" to be set up. Nothing new here. I was excited for a minute though...
  8. It's going to come down to who has the stomach for what needs to happen. And that isn't a lot. Antifa and blm have grown up playing video games where when you die you simply come back and play again. Subtle programming. They have also been raised in a touchy-feely world where the bad things don't matter because it is someone else who is to blame for creating the situation. We can't run into this fight with guns blazing or we end up rotting away somewhere, effectively taken out of the fight. Besides, we are seeing the foot soldiers doing the bidding of the masters. These people have no concept
  9. Food- 90 days for each person @1500 calories per day Water- 1 gallon per person per day. Include drink mixes or flavorings to encourage drinking to avoid dehydration Cash- As much as possible in small denominations, coins for vending machines, pre 1964 coins for barter Good footwear, good rain gear, good cold weather clothing, and a back-up of everything 2 (for redundancy) camp stoves with plenty of fuel Batteries for flashlights, other devices, and a good LED flashlight or headlight Good backpacks in case you gotta go This is a partial list, but cover
  10. He went away after I asked him if he still lived at his current address.
  11. This Content Isn't Available Right Now When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted. Oh well....

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