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  1. I gave up scanners after doing a ride-along two years ago. I saw first hand how anything juicy goes over the cell phone and not on the air. The Sgt. I rode with took every call that night over his cell phone, plus chit-chatted with his officers over it. May just be a thing in my AO, but made me realize how much I wasn't hearing on the scanner.
  2. It only comes in silver but OD paint will stick to it. We tried several colors and looked at it with a FLIR camera. Light blue was the best. With no paint it is unseen and obviously the darker you paint it the more sun it collects and becomes visible to the FLIR, as any material will. The nicest thing about it is that since a FLIR camera will only work on the first focal point (won't see through something) it makes an excellent hide. I made an 8'x8' sun shade on a PVC frame to work underneath outside, and shot it with the camera to see how it worked. That's when I discovered that it was invisible (as in the same temperature as surrounding areas) to the FLIR.
  3. Man, do I ever hate to agree with Megatron, but.....
  4. Reflectix at Lowes will shield great as long as it isn't in contact with what is being shielded.
  5. It's more of that HAM knowledge that many here seem to hate or think down right un-needed: UHF frequencies around the 450 range have great penetration through structures and VHF has much better coverage through foliage. AM, as in CB, has sporadic coverage that is largely dependent on atmospheric conditions and is very prone to electrical interference and fading. The best frequencies for playing in the woods like we do would be VHF, MURS if you want to keep it legal. Now for radios: The Baofengs are OK, just not the best. If they get you comms and are all you can afford then it becomes the best thing ever. We use the TYT MD-UV390 waterproof walkies. They are dual band (VHF-UHF) and have the added feature of DMR, digital mobile radio. Only a few scanners will pick them up in DMR mode. Point is, there are a lot of hand held radios out there and a little study will help one make an informed decision about what will work the best for them. Power: I hear a lot about radios and power. I have worked a Russian station from SC on 3 watts, so power is relevant. VHF and UHF are line-of-sight frequencies and 5 watts will carry the signal just fine to the 14 mile horizon with no obstructions. More important than power is an efficient antenna, and the range multiplier is height above the average terrain. I can reliably talk into our repeater from 75 miles away with a handheld radio, but the repeater is 1500 feet high. There is also another issue with power,and that is having too much. HAMS use just enough power to reliably make contact, and so should you. When I do interference tracking, my first tool is a spectrum analyzer, a device that graphically shows radio signals. If I am looking for you, I see the big spike when you key the radio that tells me exactly what frequency you are on. If you are running a ton of power it's easy. If you are running on low power, you may be down in the background clutter and make my job harder and maybe even avoid immediate detection. The other issue with higher powers is the chance of your comms being heard or even interfering with someone else. I know this will cause a flame war, always does. First it'll be about HAMS. Well, HAMS have the largest section of radio spectrum alotted to private citizens, and we keep that by being self-policing. The next argument is always how CB is the best thing ever. Or your new Motorola $700 handie-talkie. Save the flames and use whatever works for you.I threw this out for info, I have spent many years working with radio systems and am currently a broadcast engineer. Not bragging,just sayin'. I'll be more than happy to assist anyone in any way I can.
  6. Asheville was lost 20 years ago when the influx of artsy-fartsy left wing tree hugging scum started piling in. What was one of my favorite places is now unrecognizable. The friends I used to have there have all left and the places I liked to go have all changed. It's true of almost every town in the NC Mountains.
  7. According to SCEMD, there has been no reports of any credible threats for 4 July at the state level, and none that have been passed down from the Federal level. This is from a friend who works there. They get a brief daily of such things, I forget what it's called. Todd may remember. Personally I would urge everyone, especially in bigger cities, to just be on their toes.
  8. Yesterday (6/26) I had just got into my truck after making a few gun store purchases when two black guys that had been in there came out. One was carrying his new pistol in the box and made the comment "White motherfuckers got no idea what's coming". The other one laughed and they left . I went back inside and discussed it with owner. He said he has had more black customers in the last month than he has had in 12 years in business. He said all have been respectful and it was the first talk of that kind he has heard. So, I left and called a black friend of mine who said he has indeed heard rumblings of a coming race war but didn't put much stock in it because there is always talk like that. Just a piece of intel to pass along. Use it how you see fit.
  9. See an attorney. A lot will depend on the actual crime, but it is very doable.
  10. I was just in an AT&T facility in SC that used to have a whole floor of batteries, all gone. Guy said generators at substations are less maintenance.
  11. Telephone centers do not have the huge battery banks they once did. Power outages will affect old fashioned telephone service in most areas now.

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