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  1. Myrtle Beach Police Department starts at $44k, Horry County Police start at $40k. This isn't really about good or bad cops, but how heavy handed they have become in the last 25 years. I did a stint for 13 months as a special deputy in the mid 80's, and if I had dealt with people like they do on any episode of Cops, I would have been fired and faced possible civil actions. I left the department because of the scumbags, liars, and criminals that were employed there. I've seen deputies trigger VASCAR units early just to write a speeding ticket, deputies helping themselves to items in stores where there had been a break-in, lying under oath, and in one instance busting a guys head against the rain gutter on a Crown Vic for calling him a MF. The whole police mentality, then and even more so now, is "Us against them". "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"
  2. I would get the radios and stop there. An armed group tear-assing around the neighborhood will not look good in any court should a shooting happen. Better, IMHO, to have an active radio net operational, alert each other, make the call to 911, then mobilize to face the threat. Also, if you have time to go to the car and retrieve a long gun, your actions have now become premeditated.
  3. I would hope that everyone who chooses to carry has sought out an attorney, hopefully one with experience in criminal defense, and gotten schooled on the consequences of a self defense shooting. In my state (SC) for instance, I will be arrested until it is sorted out, and I should not admit I did the shooting. I should call the police, tell them there has been a shooting and they will want to talk to me about it. I should go to a public place and surrender my unloaded weapon to them, give them my name, my attorney's name, and shut the fuck up until my attorney arrives. This will vary greatly by state, except the "shut the fuck up" part. That applies everywhere.
  4. I agree this is no way to go about our daily lives. Rest assured that after the November elections, no matter the outcome, this will be a memory and it'll be on to the next big thing. The lawmakers, Democrats in particular, are attempting to reshape our country and divide us into two classes of wealth. Americans are too lazy to keep wearing masks and maintain all of those plexiglass barriers. On another note: Where was any of the MN militias during all of the riots? Did anyone deploy? Offer to assist?
  5. So true. I have in-laws in Owego and Endicott. Beautiful place that I love to visit. NY City is like another place altogether. Wouldn't miss it if it slid into the ocean.
  6. Spent time in St. George, love that little town.
  7. I've preached this for years. No military uniforms and a spare, different colored shit. Hit and run, change appearance and walk away.
  8. Just take a moment and think about what goes down in these encounters when it isn't filmed by someone.....
  9. Totally agree. Everyone with their own agenda.
  10. I have always been a proponent of being under one banner, or even one banner per state, but have seen that this movement draws too many type A personalities for that to ever come to fruition. No commander will want to give up his power, just ask any of the generals or supreme commanders on this site. I think you probably mean the Gun Control Act of 1968. You (and all of us) need to contact your senators and representatives and have the Gun Control Act of 1934 repealed first, as it was the foundation of the 1968 act. Then the 1968 act could be called for repeal. If that were successful, we would then need to stop the 2019 Assault Weapons Ban https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwj1gvDah9fpAhUImeAKHXlOA1oQFjAEegQIDxAD&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.congress.gov%2Fbill%2F116th-congress%2Fsenate-bill%2F66&usg=AOvVaw2VhYu3OZI0heoihvF2X5H5 I'm sure you guys have contacted your legislators already about this one. If you have not, get on the phone today.
  11. I too was taught to never attempt restraint using a suspects head or throat area. This officer knew better I'm sure. Had I been there I would have been arrested as well. That shit just don't fly. I can't believe the crowd just stood there. Yeah, I'm mad about it.
  12. The politicians see the divide and are acting on it, it's what politicians do. The garbage from DC ebbs and flows, just like the "Black Lives Matter" died out with Obama, and the ANTIFA has died down due to ineffectiveness, the whole COVID-19 thing will go away the first week of November. Then there will be a new thing. There will be a time in this country when the people will again rise up against tyranny and there is little need for us to push it. This country is populated with many like my departed Father, who was a quiet man, wouldn't have given any thought to joining a militia or marching on the capital, but you can rest assured that if the time came that action was needed to preserve this country's rights for his kids, his USMC DI ass would have swung into gear in a heartbeat. Our country is populated with many like him, quiet patriots that will rise to the cause. We'll know when it's time, because the quiet Patriots will begin to rise up and will seek us out. The politicians know this too well, so for them it's a balancing act to push just hard enough without triggering those 70 million gun owners. All the various "movements" and mass shootings have been well orchestrated to test the waters. Anyone besides me ever notice that we don't have multiple mass shootings on the same day? Antifa only clashes in one city at a time? Black lives matter riots were always one at a time? Political shennanigans always in a row, happening just in time to divert attention from something else? Yeah, it's all a dangerous game and one day they'll go too far to turn it off.
  13. Tempstar checking in. SC Militia Guard recruiting in the Grand Strand area.
  14. As I have told before, I walked away 20 years ago due to 5 of 21 members of our group ending up being LEO's. Things I took away from that: Make sure you can subtly verify their place of employment and drop in one day to see if they are there. Never engage in discussions of illegal activities or weapons, and never ever put your prints on any illegal device someone "shows up" with. Any brother willing to fight alongside you should have no problem with you knowing where they live. As for being lured into civil war, I think the initial groundwork was to be laid with the election of Hillary. I also think it isn't likely this soon. I'm 55 and I think my generation is about the last stumbling block left, and I believe it's a waiting game, waiting on those of us born in the '60's to age away. Oh, there are a few younger folks out there who will stand up against the machine but the resolve to do so is getting less and less with each generation. The fight? I've known for years that our initial battle will be against the police. It won't be Chinese paratroopers or nuclear warheads but rather starvation, loss of rights and battles in the streets that will start the downfall of this country. If it were a foreign force or natural disaster, we would all pull together against that common enemy, and those that seek the ruination of our way of life know that. No, it'll start with the police, the Type A assholes they insist on hiring now at every department in the country, the ones who blindly follow orders and have no respect for anyone who is not them.

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