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  1. Looking for a few Good Patriots who have what it takes to stand with us.  We welcome you.  But be prepared to  as though your life depends on it.  Because it will.  

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    2. Boz B.

      Boz B.

      Hey Doc.  I'm Boz, I just joined ILSL.  I'm down around Mantio IL./

      I'm reaching out to Patriots in my AO, so we can get to know one another.
      I don't make it out to Pekin much since the Covid nonsense, cause I generally won't wear a mask.
      (They are not enforcing it down here in Manito)
      I will be willing to meet up with you for coffee though, if you are up for it.


    3. ILSL Sheepdog

      ILSL Sheepdog

      I don’t know where Doc Went.   He has been gone for a while.  He signed up and left without ever doing much.  

    4. Boz B.

      Boz B.

      Ah well.. thanks SD.

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