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  2. 70 years old but can still shoot and work support.
  3. This impeachment farce has gone far enough. The Virginia gun grab is mainly a distraction. The Second Amendment does NOT grant us the right to bear arms, it denies the government the ability to infringe on that right.


  4. Ray Bequette

    Ray Bequette

  5. Hi everyone. Just a little about me. I am a retired IT Project Manager. I live in Coldwater MI but am originally from the St Louis MO area. I have worked in Search & Rescue before and am an Air Force Vet from Vietnam era although I was never in country. I am a Trump supporter and like many of you grit my teeth through 8 years of our wonderful country being betrayed and sold out by the Muslim in Charge. I currently am working hard through a Facebook and Liberty Rush page to bring awareness to the cancer that is US Voter Fraud. US Voter Fraud. Just Stop is the name on both sites. I may be somewhat limited in physical movement but my mi d and my heart have always been deeply embedded in this country and will be until I die.
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