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  1. I am so glad this issue is EVERYWHERE!!! and being addressed A LOT!!! I am tired of the lurkers and the chest thumpers!! Shurrie
  2. Exactly! I am sure I am in many databases! I figure there are good guys and bad guys looking at that info. and they will do what they do.... until they are standing with me or against me, I am not worried about it... If they want to know how to make elderberry syrup and a proper campfire, they can come see me... if they want to arrest me for growing horehound I would just ask them to burn that shit!!! and feed my animals! but this site is difficult and 99% are lurking or waiting for someone to save them!
  3. I respect that- and I did take that approach first- but, I also have experience in 'Wifey has a cheating Hubby' and wifey causing problems, as well as, cheating hubby... So, insecurities aside, I will NOT tolerate being on the receiving end! Sadly, it had to be stated, because I, being female, will be contacting men AND women about setting up meetings... and even checking in on them if they are silent.. and I do not have the time nor patients to deal with 'cheating spouses' ! I hope that this clears it up! Because I am DONE explaining it! if you have a spouse, let them know, a FEMALE, may be contacting you on Militia things! I am done!
  4. it can be confusing-- I landed first on the page of threads for my state (kansas) which was just TOPICS..... or topics that either mentioned Kansas or an actual MEMBER from Kansas posted in... So, I tripped and stumbled my way into the ACTUAL Kansas page and found several attempts at putting units together... but , several ACTIVE Kansas members... and then I got pushy! Now between this site and discord, we have more people reaching out... some are Chest Thumping demanding EVERYONE do something while they have done nothing... others are seeking people to save them because they are scared.... then there are those who are DOING.... I wish I could explain HOW to maneuver through the OHIO threads to help you.... try looking for the newest post ... usually the LAST PAGE on the thread .... that is what I did!! GOOD LUCK PATRIOT!!! Shurrie
  5. Can she cook, milk a goat or cow, shear an alpaca, muck shit out of a barn? I will take her! My husband may veto that though... between us, we have 4 daughters and 3 grandaughters... and most of our animals are female-- I think he is at his 'female' limit!! LOL
  6. Perhaps you should READ the post! I will not tolerate BULLSHIT! and YOU are correct, this is NOT the time or place for the drama and why I made the post! If I have to text or call you- I DO NOT need a wifey telling me off!!!
  7. I am NOT going to give the name of the individual at the moment... I am waiting for an apology... BUT- I do not care if you are a man or a woman---- IF I call or text you because YOU gave me your number as a member of THIS GROUP, for the PURPOSE of Militia Business. I HAD BEST NEVER GET ANOTHER TEXT/CALL TELLING ME TO NOT CONTACT YOU BECAUSE YOUR SPOUSE THINKS WE ARE BONKING EACH OTHER!!!!! It is NOT my job to deal with your marriage or your marriage issues!!! Yes I am a woman, Yes I am in this Militia, Yes I call, text and chat with ya'll... and NO it is not always professional... BUT it is NEVER SEXUAL!!! This is neither the time not the place to play HOOK UP and cheat on my spouse... So, please make sure your spouse (significant other) KNOWS you are in this/these groups and that you MAY be contacted by ME- a WOMAN- I am either checking in- checking up or relaying information! I may ask how things are going,, and even chat off topic... BUT, I have a husband and I am not interest in YOU or HER in any capacity beyond the Militia....networking and if we become friends good!! But, NEVER put me in a position of explaining to your spouse WHO I AM!!!! SHURRIE
  8. SERIOUSLY!!!!!! There are several of you all living super close to each other--- I sure hope you all have hooked up, if for nothing else, networking...... There are 6 people showing close to each other in one area-- 2 people in the same county and one in the next county, these counties are like in no mans land.... then there is a cluster up North! I am pointing this out, because ya'll joined up on here and I know that most of you are lurking-- but WHY!!! I am 5'2" 52yrs old and I am not lurking, waiting for someone to tell me what to do! or conveniently save my ass! I have posted meet and greets, there is a new one this weekend... and like 5 people show up.... This site is hard to navigate I get it... but, I was the last person I knew to get a cell phone, my oldest kids were in their 20's before I got one... I learned to use a computer stalking my kids online, because I was afraid of weirdos trying to find them (and they were)!! SO, if I can figure this out enough to jump in 'sink or swim' so can you!!!! There are people near me.... NEAR ME!!!! and I have said HI to most I think---- but..... I have only had response back from 3 people near me (not even on the member map).... Are ya'll waiting for them to take over America and have no plan... Do you just want to be preppers? or survivalist??? well that is good... me too.... but I understand that there may be some combat too.... and we all need to work together and network.... GOOD LUCK PATRIOTS!!!! TRAIN IS A COME'N SHURRIE
  9. has anyone actually tried to contact you to join a unit? I know there was a guy out by Norton looking to join... perhaps you could hook up=== I will try to find him and tag you if you want... I will wait for you to answer 


    1. Shurrie


      oh and if you are in Colby-- you should join the 785 area code and Kansas Allied Patriots 

  10. @ Ideological Gambler @ Dale Pittman can you all help this gentleman
  11. Hey all, This is an issue that has weighed on my soul.... during any conflict or even natural disaster....... A LOT of CHILDREN become orphans... Spouses and Children become destitute and homeless during conflict. Many women (don't get feathers ruffled I am a woman myself and not all are able to rally up) are looking to the Militia to provide security for them and their children. Many, if we go into conflict or natural disaster, could find they need to relocate....How can we turn this from a 'burden' to a 'benefit'? I would like to create a network of 'safe houses' and a way to send messages to have someone to go get the kids/family/women... But, also to give those who are seeking this security a reason to be part of our teams.... this way no one is dead weight... and we all may find ourselves needing a 'SAFEPLACE' ! It would also make uniting back with families easier.... or informing them if needed.... Shurrie
  12. I tagged you in the calendar event happening this weekend, if you can make it....
  13. UPDATED INFORMATION::::::::::: Time: 1000 hours (10 AM) Contact # Daniel ( @ Ideological Gambler ) 620-474-1567 CELL COVERAGE IS SPOTTY THERE WILL BE SOME SIGNS THAT SAY "34th LIGHTFOOT" Location: 1399, 1001 E Parallel Rd, Pretty Prairie, KS 67570 Parking and tags: There is public parking on premises. A cost free tag is required and obtainable on arrival. :Please wear long pants and closed toed shoes, gun, ammo, sunscreen, bug spray, bring food and drink for yourself (make sure you have plenty of water as it is going to be hot), bring a chair to sit on and a hat ... This is an outdoor range and this is Kansas be aware of the weather forecast.. ::: After the meeting there will be RANGE TIME. NO shot guns, NO Automatic, No large or incendiary rounds. Subject Matter: Introductory weapons safety class: @ Dale Pittman Basic gear considerations: @ Dale Pittman Understanding the Constitution and militias: @ Ideological Gambler American militia history @ Ideological Gambler @ Ideological Gambler , @ Robert92 , @ tom81 , @ KSplainsman , @ Havock Yost , @ 1854 Jayhawker , @ Wolfpack Dave , @ Dale Watkins , @ BMiller , @ Justin Kropp , @ Megatron , @ GearBolt Tech , @ DJS , @ Mae10i70 , @ Kaz318 , @ Choir Boy , @ Brock , @ SFCTWC , @ KansasScout0002 @ Toque182 @ Kansas On Alert , @ Michael Grauer , @ Eric Devine , @ Medic388 , @ pdxdiamond , @ IBCconcepts , @ Ridgeback01 , @ Adil Hasanović , @ Vicki Jensen , @ KatRosiland18 , @ scott sherd , @ Shane McAndrew , @ Dmperry , @ sgt_hardass , @ Metalgear63 , @ Rick wells , @ John Vorster , @ TackleBox1791 , @ Kojak , @ EricB1956 , @ David Nation , @ CJW , @ 250 , @ wreckerman , @ fallingcedars , @ young patriot , @ Brock , @ Wichita dem , @ Threeper , @ Oops , @ DasBlinkenlight , @ Barrett911 , @ Dale Pittman , @ 6reyman , @ Correus , @ Enbloc , @ Festus28 , @ DYOUNG , @ Gnevada , @ papaC62 , @ Harry Tuttle , @ John mcCall , @ Kyle Craig Camp , @ James Haskins , @ LittleBitch , @ travis henry , @ EMCOMM67864 , @ Rick wells , @ Dale Watkins , @ Justin Kropp , @ Cheryl Johns
  14. If you landed here-- put into the search bar KANSAS ALLIED PATRIOTS and let me help you I am trying to get everyone put into a book (yes if I have to burn it I will along with my house) . This will ensure that I am not tripping over myself and you all... It will make finding a UNIT in an area and hopefully a UNIT that meets what the member is searching for... Please Private Message me with the following information ( if I already have you we are good)... Units that are formed and do not want me to have information on members, that is fine, but can I get a contact number and name for potential recruits.... Thank You Shurrie WHAT I NEED: NAME: Last, First Middle Int. -- online handle Area Code : For the town you live in- NOT the one for your phone (meaning- if my number was searched, it would show me living in another town or state) County in which you live and city. If you are rural just write that Phone Number that is best to contact you- and whether you want a call or text... I will call/text you to find out your needs and help get you with the right Unit/People.... For those who do not know what my job is... I am kinda like RADAR on MASH... Right now, things are popp'n hot and the Militia sites are being bombarded with people... My job, is to help you find people in your area that are either, formed into a unit or searching for others to make a unit. Also, what kind of Unit- Constitutional, Medic, Prep, all of these .... Right now there are several Units already formed and several people looking for others close to them. I will also help in coordinating events and passing information that is pertinent to the Kansas Militia as a whole... I will serve as a liaison between groups and individuals when needed... Thanks Shurrie

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