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  1. Ok- not sure how I managed this, but, this could end up useful as a means for communication specific or just another page to be an issue... Shurrie
  2. Sorry for the late response- my internet has been acting up- possibly a router issue-- I will be on and off today and tomorrow-- 6 goats having babies because it snowed-- I will look through the links you provided-- Shurrie
  3. Welcome.... and would love to get all of us together and get this started-- Shurrie
  4. It has been quiet so I wondered if a bunch of 'mommy style' nagging was needed? I would really like to try to get those who post to commit to hooking up for a breakfast/lunch -- I know distance is an issue for some-- for me, it is working around my up coming wedding--
  5. just wondering if anyone is still here???
  6. Good afternoon- got an email to let you all know I am here
  7. I guess I do not understand why people won't travel- when I was a Scout Leader in Arizona, I volunteered to be on the Counsel, that meant once a month I had to drive (in traffic) 2hrs from my house, both directions. I felt it was important to give my Scout Troop and my Scout Neighborhood a voice. I am not saying we need to do this monthly, but a first meet up sure would help get things moving... and having a core group of leaders to organize things and support each other, while trying to grow individual groups that could quickly come together as one, when/if needed, seems logical... Shurrie
  8. I do not expect anyone to come to me- I chose Salina because it is easy to get to and easy to find a place to meet- This was not meant to be an inconvenience, just a meet up to get things rolling. Perhaps, I may have over-stepped since I am new, but, in reading other Kansas threads, it seems that getting organized and growing a group is a huge problem. So, it just seemed logical for the existing people on this page to actually meet face to face and try to get a game plan or consensus on getting a Militia group going here in Kansas...Shurrie
  9. so- exactly WHAT would motivate a meeting of those who are here communicating? Salina is a good place to meet up for the fact that there are 2 interstates running through it. If a date could be set for a meet up and exchange ideas / directions.... ?? I am not sure it this has been done before... but there are 8 of us on here and we are not next door neighbors but we know our neighbors and it seems it would be easier to grow if we had something to offer that seems organized and cohesive ?? Shurrie
  10. I must agree! One must be aware of their limitations but also willing to utilize their strengths... I keep my first aide/cpr training current. I am trying to learn alternative medicine and how to identify wild herbs and such.. going to start studying for my Ham Operator license.... I need to train more with various guns and alternative weapons... and even get back into self defense ... I can not help but think that it is so hard for us to completely organize because we are so cautious about giving information, worried that it will be used to round us up... and I think they count on that fear to win... How many did not go to VA because they were afraid it was a setup.... for me it was a wake up-- I am ill prepared and I am not ok with that! Shurrie
  11. New here- reading the thread- trying to figure this site out---- I wanted to go to VA. but did not feel like I was ready if things went south.... and I do not know anyone, so I would not have wanted to have been there alone. Would LOVE to get involved..... If we could get monthly meetings started and then branch out to our local areas..... I am on the edge of N. C. Kansas and N. W. Kansas... Shurrie
  12. I thought I had posted here??? just joined... give me a few to figure this site out... computer challenged I am! I am painfully aware that I am 10 min. late to the show but fully aware that WE are in trouble as a Constitutional Republic.....

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