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  1. I look forward to reading this.... Thank you for providing the information.. Shurrie
  2. I gave up on the full garden-- had grandkids for the lockdown, their parents were 'essentials' and worked 12 hr shifts (and were in the middle of trying to move and no daycares open).... the 5yr old was good but the 2yr loved to wander off--- we got some coyotes milling around so.... now I have some stuff in large tubs and weed whacking the garden getting ready to till it all summer! Hoping my Bees are not pissy today - they have been acting like hormonal teenagers this week! Well I better get off my arsse and pick a chore LOL-- Have a great one !!
  3. been up since 4-- been fighting this website and my new computer since 5 am-- may need a new pot or finish the new chicken coop
  4. Spinning on the Pause...………. REWIND!!!!

  5. Lincoln County -- and I am going to try to reach out to everyone this week with TIME- DATE and PLACE for meeting and such!!!
  6. dang everyone is either in the Hutch area or the JC area-- I need to make some friends LOL
  7. Good morning/afternoon/evening Patriots. Our first Kansas allied Patriots meeting went well by all accounts I have heard. We are planning the next meeting for June 8th at Carey Park in Hutchinson Kansas. Please let me know Sherrie know if you will attend and if you are bringing anyone with you. We will soon be forming up our first teams soon. If you search through topics ( I am still trying to figure this site lol)-- we have a topic- 2nd KAP meeting- going... not sure where you are at, but it looks like south Kansas- that is the 620 or 316 ???
  8. We have a meeting coming up on June 8th -- I will get you the info
  9. For all members we will have the parks grills at our disposal, please arrive by 12-noon if you wish to cook. We can do some sort of pot luck lunch for the meeting. Feel free to contact myself or @ Shurrie . with any questions or concerns.
  10. Hello Everyone, We are going to do a meet up to put some faces to our profiles. Get acquainted and hopefully set up another meeting. We are looking at 2PM (1400 hours) on Saturday May 16th, 2020. at the Pilot Travel Center 1944 N. 9th Street Salina Kansas. Please let me know if you will be attending and if you will have others with you. Thank You Shurrie
  11. let me know about Hutch- my son-in-law may be interested-- He just moved to Halsted
  12. I hope we can get something set up for the end of the month... I would love to get our heads together and get things moving !

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