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  1. Do you all think it might be a good idea to avoid camo in favor of earth tone regular clothing? I imagine being able to act as a partisan that can fight and leave operation and walk among a populace without raising much alarm is a good thing. Maybe keep an assault ghillie on you for donning doffing of some quicker camo?
  2. I have seen soem affordable-ish thermal monoculars for sale. Are they an acceptable alternative to night vision? Are monoculars an ok idea? I have a lazy eye (slight but enough to throw things off in binoculars)
  3. "84% of Women Fail Army Fitness Test" I guess that means 16% of them passed. Individuals should be judged on their individual capabilities and merits alone.
  4. Hi, new here. Interested in where I might find trauma first aid training for civilians in North Carolina. I am near Charlotte. Is such a thing available to non LEO/Mil? Am I better served jsut tryign to find some books/vids or something?
  5. Where did you read rumors of ANTIFA? I would be concerned. Police in many locales have shown the tendency to allow them to brutalize people while arresting those that defend themselves. Additionally, I am concerned they will try to do to this what they did in Charlottesville and paint everyone there as some kind of neo nazi. Be wary of police trying to make arrest funnels.
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