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  1. Ready to commit to a unit in your area?  If so then look at the IL Sons of Liberty.  We are expanding our intelligence section and could use some help.  

  2. Ive been doing quite a bit of reading and have been following The forward observers blog for some time and I see some value in what he discusses on his blog. He was a former army inteligence specialist and advocates that in a SHTF situtation, you can have all the bullets, guns and gear you can buy but if you dont have intel and if you dont know your area of operations well, then you are immediately at a dissadvantage. I dont have military experiance and I am not currently active in a militia but i think there is something to be said for ou malitia network gather and obtain intelligence as much as it is to have shooters on the ground. intelligence gather is something we can do right now so that in the event of a disaster or civil unrest, we can be ready to deal with any percieved threat. I am in the process of conducting an area study of my immediate neighborhood as well as my home town in hisdale. I think any other active malitia members should do the same in their own areas of operation, for their own individual disaster preperations but in the event of wider regional disaster or unrest. If anyone has any insight into this topic or wants to contribute to this regional area study that i wish to conduct please discuss it in this topic. If you are unfamiliar with Forward Observer and his work you can find his blog here. https://forwardobserver.com/
  3. Checking in fellow patriots. I live in the chicago suburbs. Not a part of any organized militia but looking to get involved in any way i can.
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  5. Hello All, Im from Hinsdale, IL not far from the city Chicago, so basically in occupied Democrat Territory. Im not apart of any organized militia but i consider myself a part of the unorganized civilian militia. i have firearms and train when I can and maintain my membership in numerous firearms organziations. however i am always seeking more involvement. I look foreward to getting to know some of you and learning from this netowrk.

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