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    Sulaco_Queen reacted to Shurrie in [AFTERMATH] Lobby Day Richmond, Virginia Jan 20, 2020   
    I must agree! One must be aware of their limitations but also willing to utilize their strengths... I keep my first aide/cpr training current. I am trying to learn alternative medicine and how to identify wild herbs and such.. going to start studying for my Ham Operator license.... I need to train more with various guns and alternative weapons... and even get back into self defense ... I can not help but think that it is so hard for us to completely organize because we are so cautious about giving information, worried that it will be used to round us up... and I think they count on that fear to win... How many did not go to VA because they were afraid it was a setup.... for me it was a wake up-- I am ill prepared and I am not ok with that!   Shurrie
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