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  1. Shoreline, King County present (living in the midst of folks who hate me and do not know me). Finished building an AR-9, 10, 15, couple of Glocks. All pew-pew like champs.
  2. Here in Washington, we had a lobby type day in Olympia, but all the gun control bills went ahead and got a passing floor vote. These include mag capacity, a vague banning of semi-auto weapons, strengthening of state preemption of Federal Constitutional rights, taxes on ammo along with a background check for that, and turning our "Shall Issue" CPL policy into an onerous, expensive process requiring very expensive training and approval by the state patrol. Washington State has a very low rate of gun violence, like many states more than half the state is rural, but Seattle determines those elected and it is a left-left liberal city. A few days ago, a shit-hole area of Seattle, 3rd and Pine, had a gang shooting. The 3 perps had a combined arrest record of 100+, yet the Mayor, who believes in appeasing criminals, immediately called for gun control. So every time a criminal does something with a gun, policy makers introduce something new to punish lawful citizens. My worry is that the left does have this constant momentum of their message, and it is a slow, methodical strategy of eroding the constitutional right given to us PRIOR to government. This makes it difficult to know when to begin to up the ante with regard to non-compliance. I feel the gun rights groups and movement need a better message than just "It's our right, given by the Constitution" or other references to the law, which seems absolutely ineffective as a response to gun-grabbers. I believe at this point, I'm going to have to go the "I will not comply" route and pay the consequences of being arrested if need be. I would like to see these state preemption laws that override the Federal Constitution be challenged in court. I was reading Daniel Webster last night, a strong central government proponent (would be a Democrat today), saying the States did not have the right to preempt the Constitution. This was in reference to states nullifying Federal tariffs, but seems like it would support the gun rights cause.
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