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  1. I know this is of a religious type and i am open to whatever criticism that may come from posting this but thats ok. I just am interested in what some thing about some of the relevant parts of this video as far as our nation is concerned about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvHWrum9a_4
  2. This is an older video, but i recalled when Obama was in office something was mentioned about his wanting a private army or something like that. Also, thought it odd how all the current attacks on police departments nationwide seems to be planned out for a reason. What is everyone's though on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXkBJh9RJy8
  3. As i work in birmingham and commute, for now, between there and my home town just over an hour south from there i do know that i had followed a whole convoy in the past week of national guard trucks heading to birmingham. I do know the very next nite they had all of downtown shut down. this time last week due to a rumor someone wanted to bomb whatever there. I know this info is a little late but i am unsure at this time if they have left the area as of yet or might still be up there.
  4. This is sad news and very frustrating to me.
  5. Personally, i have small amount of surveying experience so i know my way around the woods and usually is tough for me to get lost lol. But primarily i have years of mapping the state of alabama as a whole for the dot and there literally is not a town i have not been to. But currently i work in birmingham for the dot watching the traffic cameras up there and stay in touch with local and state wide leo for traffic issues up there.
  6. Hey everyone i was here a few months back but real life had other plans for me for a little while but i have returned. I live in elmore county but currently for up in birmingham and the current times have had me truely bothered.
  7. Hey all I live in elmore county but work in birmingham.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HWTwl_D0dg
  9. i do not see why not since a number of states and i know Alabama is one for sure allows for a state militia.
  10. Most of these kids today are missing out on what it is like to go fishing or learning how to use their dad's .22 to squirrel hunt for the first time. I do not think i would trade those type of memories for all the modern conveniences in the world.
  11. Yeah this new generation has a view on things i am left in wonder at from time to time in what the heck they are thinking. But in the day when i was in school the crows i ran with was i guess similar in that it was a mix of just normal people and some i would not my parents to know i was with at times. Even with that we all for the most part respected each other and if someone had an issue with another person they went outback dealt with it and were normally friends after. Today i think social skills have left the building with all the cell phones and whatever kids do now.
  12. I often wondered the same thing about Bill Aires and company. they must have had some real serious connections. If not now very soon we as a nation will have to seal with political leaders that have no moral judgement based on that is actually sound. But rather what they feel and want at the moment and in what can get them what they want in the moment.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEtaRAtX9K0
  14. Hey all i am checking in from central Alabama.
  15. I am very thankful this discussion has been brought up. As it has recently been talked about here a couple weeks back. And i do agree that we should take advantage of the opportunity we have to make a very good impression of what the militia is in spite of what the left has labeled it as.

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