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  1. Love how Fox swears everything said is false automatically right after.
  2. my simple answer is no. just no. There is no way on earth i would willfully consider doing this.
  3. This is very interesting and begs my question about what more is going on they are not talking about?
  4. Your absolutely right. The left will keep doing this type of stuff in order to continue to have their base stirred up as much as possible. Just incase they need them to burn down the local town and threaten and dox any who dare disagree with them The press will continue doing this so long as they have cover from their Democratic masters in Washington and can keep getting away with it.
  5. I came across this youtube video and couldn't believe what propaganda the left is having put out there. If they are truly believing this following video and Trump wins his legal case then this will for sure get scary. Libtard warning: this will likely make you mad at the left just don't let it cause you to act in a dumb way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CQlarQ0VhU&t=77s
  6. Now i need to hook up my little cb to my vehicle. Todd you have inspired me dang it haha.
  7. it is funny how all these glitches took placed in Democratic ran states where they figured they could get away with it. I dont recall if it was here or my local radio show i heard this but all those voting machines were sold to these states was a company run by Pelosi's husband.
  8. This is a video of what i was referring to about Fox news if any are wondering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8gHVA4D7IQ
  9. If you have noticed they have been doing this for years. Not only calling us nazis but racists and every other name in the book. I think its called foreshadowing as they are calling us what they have been all along.
  10. If this video has already been posted my apologies and please take it down. Yesterday Fox news turned it off due to their showing their true colors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEV_ebxXeY4
  11. Your right. We have the template right here let's put it to use.
  12. I truly hope we could find the political will for it. I would be in favor of this also.

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