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  1. Stuck at the house day 3. Work is not stopped but chemicals are running slow because other places are shutting down. Stores aint got crap up here, the usual crap show.
  2. @ Mac563 I think the only thing that would hinder training based on the 931 area code, is it covers A LOT of ground. I understand and I think most people in the movement do, jobs take over and being able to travel around the 931 area may not be possible. I think if that happens it would have to be a case by case system. I don't know that, everyone may be able to, I know I drive 600 miles a day so going around 931 isn't a deal, but some people will complain about 20 miles. I have personally heard people say they won't get into long range shooting because the local range is 20 miles away. In the end, it all comes down to what the group mission is going to be, how we are going to run, and how it will all come together.
  3. Clarksville checking in. Hazmat tanker truck driver
  4. Clarksville here, I drive semi trucks but home everyday. What we gain is either the aspect of a team shall manure hit the ventilator, skills that other people know and we don't. If we are setting it up, then a public area would be the best place to meet up, just so everyone feels alright. Meeting anyone at a range or a home is just going to set off alarms for anyone. I know thats not the idea of the first meet up but ya never know what people want to do. I think if someone can't get over the leadership situation then they have no reason to be with whatever group they are in. Deal with it and sit down, or get out is the best thing you can do when setting up a group. If someone only wants to play keyboard warrior, then why should they have any reason to join. Either they can get out and train like everyone will or they wont be down for when that day hits. Sitting at home everyday isn't going to enhance your skills, getting out and doing will. You can be booksmart but not street smart so we would have to enact either train or dont join. To many groups have failed over the past 8 years that I have seen because everyone wants to sit at home and do nothing but read or type on the keyboard.
  5. @ Doug1943 Sorry been busy with work and the road sucks. I originally found out about the 3% movement when I was 18. Been a survival guy since I was a kid. Used to read survival books for the heck of it growing up. I can say most people my age either are in love with the left agenda because feelings and thoughts hurt and the last administration gave aid to that kind of thinking and they are weak and care what people think, or they are like you and I, they just don't know about it because most militia stuff gets tagged as a Waco group, or some other secret socitiety crap that ruins the name of militia. If we were going to make a run at the younger generation and youth, I think the best way to run it and I have saw we have social media accounts all over, would be via social media. Most kids and I say kids for anyone under 30 really, don't care about the government like my wife, or want the free stuff because they have never had to work a day in their lives and just want to be able to do what they want and get free stuff. The school system has failed everyone and only made it easier for the idiots to take over control. Sorry it's long, if you want me to expand or have a talk just let me know!
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  7. Hey everyone, fng here! Name is Jonathan and as the username implies, I am a pagan. From Tennessee, and drive semi trucks (hazmat tanker), am 25 and yea I know I am young. Don't really know what else to put in the introduction because this is all new to me. So ask questions and let's talk!
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