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    Retired army combat veteran certified auto mechanic hobby farmer vegetable gardener grow my own food raise and butcher my own pork and poultry love to hunt and sport shoot my weapons
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  1. And there is no way in hell I'm taking any vaccine from the government
  2. I'm not giving them shit and I'm not selling nothing I bought it legal and paid for it myself it is mine
  3. Just an update Mat I have about 20 members now in Berkeley and Jefferson County we belong to the West Virginia tactical militia we are constantly growing we meet and train every 2 weeks we are affiliated with the Hampshire County Patriot group

  4. Have a unit in Berkley and Jefferson county's we meet regularly in 2 locations with in 10 miles of martinsburg pm me at [email protected]
  5. West Virginia tactical militia starting in all county,s you can email me at [email protected] I'll fill you in
  6. Welcome brother my name is Robert Peterson I have a group called The Panhandle Patriots or about 20 strong and growing everyday if you email me I'll send you my private number and we can discuss whether you're interested in what we do or not we would be glad to have you most of us are combat vets or retired army a lot of prior service email [email protected]
  7. Welcome brother

  8. Panhandle Patriots we are a unit of West Virginia Tactical militia we are seeking constitutional minded citizens To join our movement NO FELONS. contact me email [email protected]
  9. Just sold all my weapons only kept single shot 12 gauge shot gun
  10. No way would I choose a bulpup over a carbine just my 2 cents
  11. Welcome Darryl contact me at [email protected] I have members close to you (Hedgesville) we will train again on 24 October
  12. Berkeley and Jefferson counties are up and running strong looking for members everyday must be of sound mind and the correct mentality
  13. Thanks mat we are up and running 10 members and growing we meet and train regularly

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