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    Retired army combat veteran certified auto mechanic hobby farmer vegetable gardener grow my own food raise and butcher my own pork and poultry love to hunt and sport shoot my weapons
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  1. Thank you for following.
    I believe in staying connected near and far! This away I can inform others in different area’s!Β 

    Be safe and ready for anything at anytime!

    May God be with each and every one!

    1. Robert P

      Robert P

      Welcome to the west Virginia tactical militia glad to have you

    2. Nana of the woods
  2. Wvtm West Virginia tactical militia if you're interested in joining contact me at [email protected]
  3. Good morning fellas pete here Berkeley and Jefferson counties checking in all good I'm trying to get a unit started in every County under the West Virginia tactical militia
  4. And like I said train with what you got get familiar with what you have
  5. Desert storm vet we had canteens no bladders we did just fine. Train with your gear you'll be proficient with it
  6. If you have problems going through wvtm at protonmail contact me personally at petersonrobert1961 gmail.com
  7. I am the leader for Berkeley and Jefferson counties please contact me at p e t e r s e n r o b e r t 1961 at gmail.com
  8. Interested in joining a west Virginia militia ,West Virginia tactical militia at [email protected] or [email protected]
  9. The West Virginia tactical militia is looking for members for all 55 counties Berkeley and Jefferson counties fall under my command and we are actively recruiting you can reach me by email at [email protected]
  10. Berkley and Jefferson county's are active we have multiple members we meet and train regularly.we are the west Virginia tactical militia under the leadership of Gen. W. Selzer looking for new members,go to [email protected]

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