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  • Birthday 12/17/1961
  • Location Middleway, WV, USA

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    Special deputy
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    Retired army combat veteran certified auto mechanic hobby farmer vegetable gardener grow my own food raise and butcher my own pork and poultry love to hunt and sport shoot my guns
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  1. Shits about to get bad remember stay calm and be smart power in numbers look after you community's
  2. I'm on the border of Berkeley County I actually live in Jefferson County middle way my name is Robert Peterson I am a member of the 304 militia I'm a special Deputy with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department I'm a retired auto mechanic and a farmer
  3. Did you go good to go for more than 30 days well more than 30 my families prepared everybody's on board
  4. Waiting and watching

  5. Robert Petersen Kearneysville jefferson county checking in sir
  6. Looking for a unit in Berkley or Jefferson county in the eastern panhandle of west virginia
  7. What type of chickens do you raise? 

    1. Robert Petersen sr.

      Robert Petersen sr.

      Rode Island reds white Longhorns Delaware turken

    2. Claw Hammer

      Claw Hammer

      Awesome we have buffs and some reds.

  8. Hey buddy  we live close my email is [email protected] contact me

    1. Toque182


      12/18/64 here hows that for Birthdays 

    2. Robert Petersen sr.

      Robert Petersen sr.

      Brothers of birth month

  9. Robert Pete petersen here in jefferson county hello to my new brothers
  10. I'm old school Lcb alice rig for me

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