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  1. California is demanding the removal of all ham radios repeater stations from gov. land unless they pay a tax or some other fee. relay stations and ham radios are all we'll have if the gov. loses or shuts down satelittes, why would they bring this up during a pandemic ? very bad, no communications, gun confiscation and worse. Check it out for yourself.

  2. Have you heard anything about organizing militias across country ?


    1. Skillet


      There's a few groups that are trying to form national organizations, you can look at this forum area and find them: https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/forum/9-national-militias/

    2. Dan Schofield

      Dan Schofield



  3. I'm just getting in, what's going on ?


  4. Dan Schofield

    Dan Schofield

  5. Dan Schofield

    Dan Schofield

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