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  1. Here's some advice Heavily encourage fitness or working out Do combat drills or exercises like every week or more frequent rather than just once a month. If you can only do once a month try to talk or communicate with your Militiamen with how to lets say fire a gun on their own time or talk about how to move in formation stuff like that. I know this is plainly obvious but of course prepare and learn about natural water filtration or how to start fires. Look into your local Police Department are going to confiscate guns or the ATF. If Boogaloo does come be sure to have camoflauge and be smart. Don't be "Regular Military wise", learn about guerrilla warfare and tactics. The biggest mistakes on the reason why America loses its wars is because they faced Guerrilla or Insurgents that know their terrain, how to coordinate a attack or hit in run. Basically giving the enemy an all time edge everywhere they go.
  2. if you wanna play roblox with me add me on Carwood_Lipton

  3. I know I might be late to reply to this topic but if you want to keep up with a Militia. Encourage them to workout or do fitness and have more frequent combat exercises rather than just one month unless you guys have tight schedules.

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