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  1. When is enough...ENOUGH!  I’m done with wishing the people would regain common sense. I’m sickened by any and all to do with Chuck and Nancy. DONE. Are we all going to sit by and allow all our freedoms to be stripped away?  How are these lockdown orders legal?  Why did it take 5 days to get NICS to approve my gun purchase?  

    This globalist attack through CORVID-19 is the avenue they needed to begin testing how easily we’d submit to the  governing bodies. 
    Done Ranting.  Hope all of you and your families are well. 

  2. Well said! Thanks all. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know y’all better. Looking at a S&W M&P 2.0. Can’t decide if I want the 9mm or the knock down power of the 45acp. I’ll be moving to my farm in spring when the house is done. I’ll be able to practice with it regularly.
  3. I joined this site today. I never thought I’d ever be interested in a group like this. I’ve allowed myself to believe that the militia was for religious wing nuts and wanna be militant extremists. I’m a driller by trade, father of 2, and a husband. I keep to my own business. I lead a boring life to most anyone who would be looking in on it. I’ve never protested. I’ve never had to take a hard stand for my rights or the rights of others. However, this gun grab by Governor Northam has awakened me to the bleak realization that our 2nd Amendment is more than under attack, it’s at risk of being stolen away. I’m not a gun owner, though I have bought several for my kids, both male and female. Blindly, I never thought I’d ever be in need of one, as I never have time to hunt(I have taxes to pay), and have always felt secure where I live. I have trusted God for my safety, and tend to stay away from places and events that are more prone to violence. I not only still believe and trust God for my safety, but also am beginning to believe I must be ready when the fight comes to me. Though I feel like a hypocrite for not being a gun owner, I am compelled to take a stand. My wife and I will be buying weapons for self preservation, as well as those around us if, God forbid, it comes to that point. I will continue using this site to remain informed. Forgive my ignorance about the details of weapons, militias, common jargon, etc. I’m learning.
  4. As an everyday, blue collar worker, I have been a lawful citizen. I keep to my business. I’m not a gun enthusiast. In fact, the only guns I have bought were for my kids for hunting. I’ve been asleep. I’m awake now. Never have I been so concerned for the safety of the people as I am now. I will be buying guns to secure my own liberty, and if need be, the security of those around me. This is terrifying that this situation in Virginia could escalate to an all out war against the citizens who rally tomorrow. My prayers are with everyone there in attendance. May God have mercy on us all, and may he change the hearts of those in office making these egregious decisions for the state of Virginia.
  5. Rhetoric is strong. Hate is stronger. Love trumps all, but sometimes love means taking care of those you love at all costs. I believe we the people can’t win by attending a protest/rally/gathering where the State level government has made every effort to marginalize the citizens, instill fear through media bias, and has LEO’s willing to subvert the rights of the people. If tomorrow’s rally takes the life of so much as 1 person, the leftist agenda will prevail like throwing gas on a fire. Cowards may run from the battlefield, but Generals know best when to remove the troops from a no-win situation. My prayers are that everyone there drops to their knees and prays to God Almighty that a healing will come to the hearts of the Governor of Virginia. Prayer is stronger than the gun, but use your weapon for self defense. To all who rally tomorrow, the eyes of the world are upon you. Be peaceful; be patient; be prayerful.
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