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  1. The Gadsden Militia setup is independent state militias that are loosely connected to one another. There is no national leader or set board, instead the Generals of each state’s militia will confer when it comes to things that we would have to deal with on a national level. We currently have militias in: Ohio, Florida, Texas, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Maryland. We are looking for people to take command in other states, and also if you are interested in joining an already established Gadsden Militia, please respond to this post.
  2. Hello, I am the General of the Ohio Gadsden Militia. We are a Constitutional Militia and we are looking to expand within Ohio. The OGM does not accept active duty military or armed forces members, nor do we accept active duty law enforcement officers (however retired of both are welcome). We have many positions still available as we are growing. Please respond to this post if you’re interested in joining.
  3. I’m having trouble finding a plate carrier in the camouflage pattern that The Ohio Gadsden Militia’s uniform is in. Anyone know anyone who carries one in this camouflage or am I going to have to use either a coyote brown/tan Or OD Green carrier and Woodland add-ones?
  4. This will link you to the Ohio Gadsden Militia’s Facebook group. You will have to answer the questions to be accepted in, but once you’re accepted in you’ll be a member of the militia.
  5. Hello everyone. Earlier this week I started the Gadsden Militia, and the set up of this militia is each state’s Gadsden Militia is run independently from the others, there is no national board, no national oversight outside of a couple of things I ask of you in the setup phase. We do have a leadership Discord server that’s for general discussion and sharing intel. But as for decisions pertaining to actions of your militia, we aren’t there to give permission, your militia is yours to run as you see fit. I am the General of the Ohio Gadsden Militia and while I will gladly set up a Facebook group and a Discord Server for any state, once they’re set up I transfer them over to that state’s General. We currently have militias set up in Ohio, Texas, Maryland, and I’m in discussions with someone who’s interested in setting up one in Pennsylvania. So if you’re interested in setting up a Gadsden Militia in your state, reply to this or send me a message and I can get you started on it.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/Ohio-Gadsden-Militia-Recruiting-112978337062128/ Just started this Militia after merging the III% Militia with another group that turned out not to be what I thought they were. The Ohio Gadsden Militia is something I’ve started to look for people who are willing to fight when the time comes. We also want to set up a Disaster Response Team who’s job outside of regular militia duties would be a response for natural disasters and to assist with search & rescue when civilian volunteers are needed. While a friend of mine in Texas has opened up a Texas Gadsden Militia along with me opening this one, we will not be a nationally interconnected group even if Gadsden Militias open up in other states. There will not be a national council or national oversight, all that is asked is if one needs assistance to put the word out to the others.
  7. I am the National Lead for III% Militia and we are looking to expand membership. Currently we don’t have strong numbers here in my home state of Ohio, and I would like to fix that. we currently don’t have a state lead for the Ohio regiment so if you think you would be a good leader for the state please contact me and we can discuss the details of the job and why you think that you’d be a good fit for it.
  8. @ wquon We do not have a website at the moment but we do have a recruiting page on Facebook, search III% Militia Recruiting on Facebook.
  9. Cleveland, OH here. General of the Militia for the III% Militia. We are actively recruiting for the Ohio Regiment among with the other 49 regiments if you know anyone out of state that would be interested.
  10. Any interest in joining the III% Militia Ohio Chapter? Feel free to check out III% Militia Recruitment on Facebook.
  11. Ohio_sheepdog


  12. Hello, my name is Tom and I am the leader of the III% Militia. We are a fairly new upstart militia and are trying to set up a state regiment in every state. I am willing to listen to any advice offered, and we are actively recruiting. If you have any questions, ask away.
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