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  1. I currently live in the southern most part of Newaygo County but soon will be living in the Northern portion of Newaygo County, north of White Cloud about 8 miles. Last I looked there were no Militias training in my area. Has that changed?
  2. What part of Central MI are you in? I am former TN Army NG (12B) with 8 years and two (3) tours to Iraq. I am still proficient in my Worrior ways! Have ALL the gear necessary to train and fight? Got out as an E-5 and did my time with pride. I am 51 tomorrow and did my years from age 35 to 43. Went to BCT/AIT when I was 35 and turned 36 4 days upon arrival. I live in Newaygo County. HOOAH!!!
  3. Hello, I am a Combat Vet, who served in the TN Army National Guard from 2003 to 2011 MOS 12B Combat Engineer. I served two tours in OIF, 04/05 and 09/10. I started BCT/AIT at the young age of 36. I am now 47, about to turn 48 and wondering if there is a Militia for me and my skill's. I declined to reenlist and got out as and E-5/SGT. I look forward to meeting a lot of Patriot's on this site and hope to gain some knowledge.... God bless...

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As the de facto authority in american patriot militias we understand that we oversee a significant share of the publics perception of the militia, and with this many individuals and militias entrust their ideas, work, and data to our platform. We do not take this lightly as we mandate an extreme amount of responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process. We will remain vigilant as a trusted force among our people. So help us God.
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