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  2. I currently live in the southern most part of Newaygo County but soon will be living in the Northern portion of Newaygo County, north of White Cloud about 8 miles. Last I looked there were no Militias training in my area. Has that changed?
  3. What part of Central MI are you in? I am former TN Army NG (12B) with 8 years and two (3) tours to Iraq. I am still proficient in my Worrior ways! Have ALL the gear necessary to train and fight? Got out as an E-5 and did my time with pride. I am 51 tomorrow and did my years from age 35 to 43. Went to BCT/AIT when I was 35 and turned 36 4 days upon arrival. I live in Newaygo County. HOOAH!!!
  4. Hello, I am a Combat Vet, who served in the TN Army National Guard from 2003 to 2011 MOS 12B Combat Engineer. I served two tours in OIF, 04/05 and 09/10. I started BCT/AIT at the young age of 36. I am now 47, about to turn 48 and wondering if there is a Militia for me and my skill's. I declined to reenlist and got out as and E-5/SGT. I look forward to meeting a lot of Patriot's on this site and hope to gain some knowledge.... God bless...

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