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  1. How've you been @ 631 Patriot ?
  2. Hey Patriot, how are ya? I'm sure there are plenty that unfortunately just don't know about this website yet. During these crazy times I haven't been able to really reach out to anyone. I'm just working at the hospital and it's been real crazy here but I'm also real lucky to have a job at this point. Today we have 17 confirmed cases and of the 17, 7 are in induced comas and intubated on ventilators. I've worked at the hospital for a decade and although we've always had flu patients I've never seen a virus like this aggressivly attacks people's lungs. With the asthmatics about to deal with tree pollen season I'm praying they don't catch this bug. We simply don't have enough ventilators for dire respiratory issues and everyday surgery. We ran out of sanitation wipes so now we use a spray bottle and napkins and we're extremely low on masks. On a brighter note, though this virus is a pain in the balls it's really nice to see the hospital staff act kinder towards each other. Also any anxiety that I had seemed to disappear as we're dealing with real shit now lol. How are you???
  3. Welcome @Michael Weber. Is 631 finally forming a militia?
  4. Kras80


    That looks great, how do I join?
  5. 631 here @ New York Patriot anyone else here in Suffolk County, Long Island?
  6. I'm on Facebook and sorry I didn't introduce myself. My names Mike Krasnoff.
  7. Hi neighbor, I am on FB, nice to meet you too!
  8. Kras80


  9. Names Mike and I'm interested. It's about God damned time, Long Island.

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