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  1. SAINT I hear ya and I’m totally open to any recommendations of any lots that are available and are secluded well. I’ve just started on my search and will share here if I come across potential good sites. I’d like to find something with plenty of acreage and less than around $75k listing price. As far as a meeting this weekend I could do something for the piedmont region if there is not already someone appointed to get a location, time, and taking the lead on it.
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  3. Good day fellow patriots. I am reaching out to see how I can potentially join/get involved somewhere near me. I reside in Orange County, 8 yr USMC vet, very interested in finding a group remotely close to train with. Looking to purchase a sizable amount of land within the next few months to begin building my family’s base camp and I also want to incorporate firing ranges and other tactical training courses throughout property. I’d definitely would be interested in eventually accommodating training exercises there once completed and if/when I do finalize the property I’d gladly welcome any help designing and building ranges and/or courses. Thanks I look forward to hearing responses from you all sooner than later. My email is [email protected] Semper Fi

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