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  1. It's upon us. We will eventually need to rely on one another to weather the storm, together. are you truly ready? Have you prepared for this and made contingencies? if there are gaps, please take steps to secure the following: - water (2 weeks, 1 gallon pp/day) - food (MREs, Heater Meals, freeze dried camping meals, canned goods) - 10 C's of survival; 'nuff said - disinfecting supplies - clothing to maintain normothermia and weather the elements - 4 way water key (accessing external commercial sources) - comms devices - layers and levels of necessary protection - family emergency plans and contingencies. Remember, stay gray. Don't stand out, blend in. Don't draw attention, maintain OPSEC. if you're not ready, don't have essentials or have the wrong equipment do yourself a favor and get what you need to sustain yourself and your family. if and when it happens, Link up
  2. Anyone with any experience in emergency services would realize plain text, plain language is the way to go. Unless it is understood and used by everyone (and if it hits the fan you'll eventually rely on others). When it hits the fan you'll revert back to what is instinctive, habitual and natural and any miscommunication, misunderstanding or misinterpretation can be disastrous. Hence why I'm looking for stable, sane, trained, mature and experienced preppers who focus on the task or issue at hand and leave the BS or drama out of it. This isn't TV and no, it won't be "fun".
  3. Couldn't locate this elsewhere: How does one go about blocking members on this site?
  4. Looking to network with SANE, SOLID and REPUTABLE professionals with actual tangible real world training experience.


    if you're one of these WingNuts on the fringes of this, not a professional, with no training and just some accessorized rifles and SWAT/military gear you bought off the Internet, please keep moving.

    This is for dedicated professionals with a shared goal of protecting and providing for our families when it goes South. If you're here to feed a need to belong, have authority, feel important or dress up like the SWAT or military person you will never be, please please please keep moving.


    No place for you here.

  5. Agreed. The more squared away people networking can't be a bad thing
  6. TheGrayMan


  7. New here. I see sadly NJ patriots are under-represented here most likely because of regulation and oppression of our rights. hoping to connect with stable and sane like minded professionals here to network in case the SHTF in the Philly metro area.

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