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  1. A Militia could also be started as a common neighborhood watch as well. Find the eager to learn, the pissed off victims and the ones who hate criminals. They are possible recruits right on the same street.
  2. This is a great thread! One question I have, which will directly affect an answer is where do you want to make your stand? I mean, as pointed out, if one is handicapped, hell, 20,000-30,000 rounds is nothing to have stashed back but if you have a bug out place in the mountains and that is where you'll fight to your last breath, well, THAT would be the place to horde it all but keep , say 1000 per rifle/handgun at your residence. Easy to pack and move yet enough to fend off that mob of sub-humans flocking the streets.
  3. With the FACT that FB, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and Twitter OWN every post, picture and text you make to those sites, should make one pause even for recruiting. The Feds are infiltrating anything and all things pro-Constitution and pro-white. We are considered more of a 'domestic terrorist' than the friggin' muzzy scumbags who are infiltrating our country. One could be attempting to recruit a sincere non-fed rat OR one could be recruiting a fed rat who will everything they can to get you arrested for some trumped up bullshit and ruin your life if nothing else. Like Mr. Kluver, I too was a victim of Big Brothers anti-American ways. Being a former Marine, having combat experience and by being white (which is now a crime too, in the pigs eyes) I have been investigated by not only the feds, but the Secret Service. Yeah. Go figure. Be anti-illegal, anti-BLM, anti-Homo and question the holohoax, you'll get tagged quick. I say I'm old fashioned but they call it being a racist, Nazi bigot. Point is, as long as you recruit yet keep your secrets safe and never EVER let them meet ANY of your other associates, then you should be safe from at least the accusations of owning certain weapons, ammos, etc... ANY and ALL Militia members and supporters are on the Fed shit list so no one should be trusted.
  4. I find homos and trans-whatevers extremely disgusting and abhorrent. I also find those who promote and finance their agenda disgusting and abhorrent. Those degenerate are less than 1% of the entire Us population YET we are FORCED to see them in commercials, TV shows, movies and on the radio. Who finances them? People with the last names of Gold, Stein and Witz. That's who. We don't have to accept them nor do we have top tolerate them. We, as normal, heterosexual people, have the common sense to KNOW that what they do isn't right and from both a religious and atheistic perspective, just plain WRONG and disgusting! Their agenda is to desensitize us and especially(!!) our children, who, through Michael Obamas Common Core BS, come to think that it's OK to get urinated on, to drink some guys urine, to eat feces, to have anal sex and to act like an emo beta male limp wristed vaggot. Read http://www.asecular.com/ran/0012/antiporn/fagfacts.html for the FACTS about their perverted life styles. ANY man or woman (genetically) who dresses up in said tranny fashion is a pervert and a child molester and the sooner we react with Draconian measures, say the same ones that Hitler used to stop them, the better! WE need to collectively take back our country because they, collectively, are taking it from us!

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